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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

Year 11 - End of Year Arrangements

After half term Year 11 students have a timetable of transition opportunities for the next stage in their academic future.

Careers Fayre

We will offer a Careers Fayre and next steps support from our experienced Careers Officer.

As many students are still undecided about the subjects they may go on to study in the 6th Form or college we will offer a subject fayre in which students can gain a wider understanding of all the subjects offered in the 6th Form. This will be a chance to speak to current Year 13 students about the courses and collect valuable resources and information to help them make a more informed choice.

Tuesday 8th June - 9.00am

On 8th June all Year 11 students on the X band will be invited in to spend the day in our Sixth Form Centre (S block) where the fayres will take place. Students can also access the workrooms and spend some time looking at careers and courses on offer. Students will have the opportunity to spend time in the 6th Form Common Room and utilise the on-site café.

Year 11 students on the Y band will work from home

Wednesday 9th June - 9.00am

On the 9th June all the students on the Y band will be invited in to complete their day.

Year 11 students on the X band will work from home

Students should aim to arrive by 9am on their allocated days and are welcome to stay all day but can leave at lunchtime should they have everything they need.

We do ask that all students sign in and out at the entrance to the Sixth Form Centre as we need to know who is on site at all times.

We hope this day will be extremely useful for students to get a feel for Sixth Form life and to assist them in their choices for their next steps.

We ask that all students come into school dressed in smart clothing as per our Sixth Form Dress Code, Students can of course wear their school uniform if they would prefer but we ask that no casual attire is worn as it is a professional environment.

Thursday 10th June

On the 10th June all students in Year 11 will be invited into school together to join us in a leavers’ celebration.

Leavers' Assembly - 10.00am

We ask that students arrive for the assembly starting at 10am where we will give out subject awards, deliver speeches and hear from some of our Year 11 representatives who will reflect on their time at CHSG. The assembly should last around an hour.

Goodbye Picnic - 11.00am-1.00pm

All students will be invited onto the field for a goodbye picnic. This is the students' opportunity to take photos, say goodbye to teachers, sign books and enjoy some social time together before departing the school around 1pm. It would be lovely to see students dressed up and looking lovely for their photos, but we do ask that nobody comes into school with ripped up or defaced uniform, if this is the case they will be sent home.

Friday 11th June onwards

After this date we will be asking students to work from home and will provide an interactive booklet detailing an abundance of online courses and Sixth Form preparation work. We hope students will make the most of this opportunity to keep their minds active and to help prepare them for their next academic stage.

Monday 28th-Tuesday 29th June - Sixth Form Induction Days

There will be more information coming out about our Sixth Form induction days on 28th/29th June from our Head of Year 12 for those who have decided to return to us.

Thursday 12th August - Results Day

There will also be more information coming out about the Results Day that will take place on 12th August.

Should you require any further information about the Open Days or online work please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Durrett or the Head of Year, Mr Stockwell.