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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

Covid-19 Protocols - please stay socially distanced adjacent to the school

Below is information regarding the start to the academic year ahead, taking into account the new Government guidance. 

We have been working on the Carshalton High School for Girls Opening Protocol for September 2020 over the holidays, which includes all the new measures that need to be in place. We feel confident that we can deliver our broad and ambitious curriculum, while continuing to ensure the safety of our pupils and staff members. We have included information to support you and your family with a smooth transition back into school life for the autumn term.

Due to the volume of information that needs to be sent out I intend to send out the guidance in smaller sections. 

You will receive the following information and guidance on these dates:

  • Wednesday 26th August 2020: The School Day, Start and End of the Day and Teaching & Learning Overview.
  • Thursday 27th August 2020: The School Day & C-19 Hygiene including Face Masks, The Curriculum & In-class arrangements and Health & Safety guidelines if there is a suspected case.
  • Friday 28th August 2020: C-19 Behaviour expectations & Home School Agreement, Canteen & Social Time arrangements and any other miscellaneous information.

On Friday, the full guidance in the form of a complete booklet will be sent for your reference.  It will also be available on our website   

Return to School from Wednesday 2nd September 

There will be a staggered return to School starting on Wednesday 2nd September. We will welcome back:

Return Date

Year Group

Arrival Time

Weds 2nd September

Year 7


Weds 2nd September

Year 11


Thurs 3rd September

Year 8


Thurs 3rd September

Year 10


Fri 4th September

Year 9


Mon 7th September

6th Form


Students should enter via the gates that have been allocated to them in the Covid-19 guidance.  Upon arrival, students will need to move to and line-up in the area allocated in the guidance.  Year 7 students will be met by members of staff and guided towards their line-up area.    

The timings above are for the first day only and after the first day at School students will move to the timings in the guidance.

All students must arrive with correct full school uniform including a plain, black rucksack or the rucksack with the CHSG logo.  No other bag is permitted.  Our uniform policy can be found here. For those who have ordered a CHSG logo bag these will be distributed to students on their first day and these students can bring their lunch and pencil case in a plastic bag.    We will also be providing all students with a complimentary PE kit bag with the School logo.

Year 7 parents will need to provide a packed lunch for the first 3 days while we await the on boarding for the catering system.      

There will be no expectation for any student to bring PE kit with them on the first day. If you have any concerns or questions regarding uniform please contact your daughter’s Head of Year.  You will find their details on the School website.

All students will be expected to bring the full equipment required for lessons.   

Students must not arrive to School before these times as the entrance gates will be closed and they will not be able to gain access.   Unfortunately, parents/carers are not permitted onto the School site.

There is a full programme for the first few days which will reintroduce our principles and values as a School and set the expectations around Covid-19 protocols.  Ultimately we want students back in their normal lessons as soon as possible and all year groups will be fully inducted and studying their subjects by the end of the first week. 

ParentPay Reminder:  To use our cashless catering facilities you will need to log on to ParentPay. If you have mislaid your log on details please contact the School Office who will be able to help you with your query. Full details regarding ParentPay are available here:

Free School Meals Reminder: You must reapply annually for your daughter to continue to receive free school meals regardless if they have received meals the previous year.  If you feel your daughter is entitled to free school meals and wish to check your eligibility please go to the Eligibility Checker Full details regarding free school meals are available here:

Returning to School / Starting Secondary School

It is important that students feel as comfortable as possible returning to/starting School.  Therefore please take the time to go through the information with your daughter and answer any questions she might have.  It has been quite a while since the girls were in classrooms and in School and we must prepare them as best as we can.  I ask that in the days prior to starting or returning to CHSG that you please ensure:

  • Your child has the correct uniform.  If you have any queries regarding a particular item please check the school website or contact the Head of Year. 
  • Your child has the correct equipment required such as a suitable school bag in the correct colour, a fully stocked pencil case and any other items required for her subjects.
  • Your child is organised and has all of the equipment she needs for the day ahead.  Please also ensure she has the necessary booklets for the subjects that day.
  • Please ensure your daughter is aware of the necessary bus or train times.  Punctuality is extremely important at CHSG and we expect students to be on time. Whilst at this time we do not recommend the use of public transport we do appreciate that for some it is the only method of travel available.
  • Finally, you discuss with your child the forthcoming year and particularly the significance of returning to or moving to Secondary school.  Joining us with a positive attitude and some key goals will motive your daughter to excel in the year ahead.

The year ahead will no doubt be challenging but we are prepared as a School and look forward to seeing the girls next week. 

Mr M Devenney, Headteacher