Important News

Year 9

Miss Holmes
Year Leader
Mrs Brice
Assistant Year Leader
Mrs Warren
Pastoral Support Officer

In Year 9 our students find that they are embarking on a new and exciting period in their education. It is now that students will begin to start their option choices for their Key Stage 4 courses. This year students will trial four choices over 10 weeks. After this taster period they will select two subjects to continue with alongside their core subjects.  They will see these subjects through to qualification in Year 11.

Continuing their support of the year group will be the dedicated pastoral team.  Your daughter will normally see their tutor every morning.  Tutors are always the first point of contact and should be made aware of any issues that you feel are affecting your daughter. Together with the Head of Year, Senior Leader and Pastoral assistant, the team will ensure that support is available regarding all matters associated with the wellbeing of your daughter.  

Important Dates
11th October 2018 Parents' Information Evening
6th June 2019 Parents' Evening
20th-24th May 2019 Year 9 Exams

Year 9 Team

Year Leader
Miss Holmes
Assistant Year Leader
Mrs Brice
Pastoral Officer Mrs Warren
9RW1 Mr Mahmood
Miss Boreland
9RD1 Miss Martino  
9PK1 Mrs Patel
Miss Azad /
Ms Barnes (Mon/Wed)
Miss Winders
9HL2 Mr Ahmad