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Work Experience
Work experience allows students to expand their knowledge of the world of work and broaden their horizons.  They develop confidence and personal attributes. Students in Years 10 and 12 complete one week of work experience. Students secure their own placements but are assisted by the school.
All work placements must have Employer Liability Insurance and we request that employers forward a copy to us. If an Employer would like to offer a placement to one of our students, please complete the Company and Job Information Sheet (below). Reading the Letter of Understanding and risk assessment will ensure that the placement is successful for both student and employer.
Dates of Work Experience 2018-2019
Year 10 students had work experience Monday 29th April to Friday 3rd May 2019
Year 12 students will have work experience after their exams - Monday 8th to Friday 12th July 2019.
Students can upload their work experience to using their PIN number.
Guidelines for work experience are as follows:
Work Experience Guidelines
  • Students who find their own placement, are more likely to take ownership and get more from it.
  • Start a CV – will be supported in lessons. To ensure your daughter’s CV is enhanced, ask them what they do extra to their academic study. Volunteering helps to enhance any CV, the following website is useful but also Brownies, Scouts and Guide groups for example, are always looking for extra help.
  • The number of hours – negotiable but remember this is an experience of the real world.
  • Type of work – anything (as long as it is covered by the appropriate insurance and H & S, see separate SEBP sheet)
  • Anywhere – It is a chance to spread wings, scary though it might be. (for parents as well!)
  • Students should not have work experience where they are in paid work and should not work directly with their parents or family member.
  • Sometimes it’s who you know! – Use your own contacts
  •  All placements will be checked by the Sutton Education Business Partnership and application for London Borough of Sutton jobs should be researched and passed through Mrs Greenland
  • There are good and bad points in most work experience placements, but the experience is worth it.
  • Teaching/Childcare - Can mean just sitting and watching class teacher with rest of the class or might mean really hands on. We don’t recommend it as it is the only environment most students have known so far, and doesn’t allow them to broaden their horizons. If they want to become teachers work experience in Year 12 will be more valuable.
  • Hairdressers – Some have a good structure and some can be very quiet, students won’t be able to cut hair but will be able to clean the salon and might be able to wash hair.
  • Office work – Might be seeing how various different departments work or just a lot of filing and photocopying
  • Retail – can be repetitive and in larger shops unlikely to handle cash but a good way to develop customer awareness
  • Media, Art & photography – might have own project but could be a runner
  • Medical – lots of observing but a chance to see from a different perspective
  • Animal – feeding and cleaning all week or lots of different situations
  • Students will have a further opportunity for work experience in Year 12 which will be more career focused and be linked to progression.
  • Talk to employers to find out exactly what placement will entail. Stay in touch, once placement is confirmed.
  • Employers put time and effort into work experience. Students should appreciate the opportunity.
  • Employers’ feedback says they can teach skills but not attitudes. (body language, tone of voice etc) and therefore discussion around those skills may need to be had at home.
  • Students are not just representing the school but also their parents and themselves and should act accordingly
  • Deadline – 18th December 2018

Please contact Mrs Greenland if you have any questions.

Here are some of the comments from the employers of our work experience students:
Jameera was very conscientious and helpful.
Hannah, Merton Library and Heritage Service
Thought I would take the opportunity to send a quick email complementing Robyn on her work experience here at Steelplan last week.

Robyn was punctual, attentive, showed interest in our business and picked up every instruction very quickly.

My Team and I thought that Robyn was a pleasure to have here and we wish her the very best success in her working life whatever career path she chooses.
                                                                                                                                                              Peter, Commercial Director
For emergency contact out of office hours please call 07938 183309 - available until 9.00pm
 Work Related Learning
Could YOU help the school?  Carshalton High School for Girls has a comprehensive careers and work related learning programme. We are not looking for a huge commitment. We are trying to build up a contact file of parents to enhance our work related curriculum. If you think could help then please click on the link below to the Work Related Learning Form.
For information or enquiries please contact Mrs Greenland 0208 647 8294 Ext 2128 or email at:
Use this link to upload your Work Experience details:
Further useful documentation is available at the bottom of this page.

Department Staff

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Mr L Conduit-Smith
Careers & Work Related Learning Manager
Mrs J Greenland


  1. Work Experience Guidelines
  2. Powerpoint Presentation from Parents' Information Evening
  3. Work Experience login instructions
  4. Work Experience Letter of Understanding for Employers and parents
  5. Company / Job Information inc Risk Assessment