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Media Studies Year 10

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In year 10 students continue working on coursework projects.  They complete a major coursework project where they have to conduct extensive research into a specific area of the media before planning, making and evaluating three pieces of work.  They also complete a  short unit analysing two tabloid newspaper front pages, before planning, making and evaluating a cover of their own.  Finally students work on a further cross media case study, similar to that studied in Year 9 but this time with the focus on film promotion.

GCSE Course Outline

30% of students’ final grade will be assessed through coursework and 70% through a final exam.  Students have to complete three in depth coursework projects all of which involve a mixture of research, planning and practical tasks. Past coursework topics have included, TV promotion, film promotion, web promotion, magazines, tabloid newspapers. 


At the end of Year 11, students sit a 1½ hour exam in a topic chosen by the exam board. Recent exam topics have been:
  • Comedy films
  • Community and local radio
  • TV advertising
  • The music press
  • Sitcom
  • Quiz shows
  • Popular press
  • Reality TV
  • Action adventure