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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

GLT Governance

Governance Structure

A multi academy trust (MAT) is a legal structure that brings two or more schools under the control of one governing board, while still functioning as separate schools that retain their own identity.  The Girls’ Learning Trust (GLT) is a MAT.

GLT has three levels of governance. Firstly it has ‘Members’, which are akin to the shareholders of a company, except that as a charity there are no profits. GLT can have up to five Members, some of whom may also be Trustees who sit on the GLT Board (see below) and others who are independent. Members have an overview of the governance arrangements of GLT and appoinAngela Attaht the Trustees.

Name Date Appointed
Angela Attah 8.12.20
Hamza Aumeer 1.9.2015
Donna Evans 1.1.2016
Sandy Gillett 24.8.2020
Tony Hyams-Parish 1.9.2015

The second level of governance is the GLT Board (the board of trustees/directors). There are currently 9 trustees / directors on the GLT Board which is;

  • The overall governing body for GLT and all the schools within
  • Responsible for setting the strategic direction for GLT including key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Accountable for the educational performance of the Trust and all academies within
  • Responsible for determining Trust wide policies as appropriate
  • The Trust is the employer of all GLT staff

The following people make up the GLT Board:

Name Role Date Appointed Term of
Office Ends
Sandy Gillett


1.9.2020 31.8.2024
Philip Taylor

Vice Chair/Director/Trustee

1.9.2019 31.8.2023
Hamza Aumeer

Director / Trustee

24.8.2020 23.8.2023
Alex Clark Director / Trustee 1.9.2019 31.8.2023
Robert Etchell Director / Trustee (co-opted) 24.8.2020 23.8.2023
Marie Grant Director / Trustee 1.4.2018 31.3.2022
Malcolm Munro

Director / Trustee

1.4.2018 31.3.2022
Nigel Pepper

Director / Trustee

1.9.2019 31.8.2023
Jennifer Smith CEO 1.9.2019 On termination of employment
Andrew Horrod


- -

The third level of governance comprises the Trust Committees and Local Governing Bodies (LGBs).  The Board has a number of Trust Committees that report to it, to enable it to carry out its functions.  These include Finance and HR and these committees are made up of Trustees from the Trust Board and Governors from the LGBs.

Each school within GLT has its own LGB. The LGB is a committee of the GLT Board and;

  • Is responsible to the Trust Board for the performance of the school
  • Supports and challenges the Headteacher and the school leadership to secure strong student
  • performance
  • Provides oversight and monitoring of the school’s activities to ensure an excellent standard of
  • education is delivered
  • Achieves the KPIs set by the Trust Board and delivers the school development plan
  • Contributes to the wider work of GLT through the membership of the Trust committees

More information on the way the Trust and committees work together can be found in the GLT Scheme of Delegation within our Governance Handbook.

The composition of the Trust Committees is as follows:

Scheme of Delegation

Trust Admissions (Selective Schools)

Nigel Pepper (Chair_ Trustee
Sandy Gillett Chair of the Trust Board 
Jennifer Smith CEO
Andrea Cooke Nonsuch Governor
Robert Etchell Wallington Governor
Alison Sleight WHSG Governor
Malcolm Munro Trustee/Chair Carshalton LGB
Richard Booth (In attendance) Headteacher
Amy Cavilla (In attendance) Headteacher

Trust Finance

Nigel Pepper (Chair)


Andrea Cooke  (Vice Chair) Nonsuch Governor
Imran Ahmad Wallington Governor
Robert Etchell Trustee

Marie Grant

Trustee/Chair Nonsuch LGB

Malcolm Munro Trustee/Chair Carshalton LGB

Jennifer Smith


Hamza Aumeer

Wallington Governor

Helen Latham (in attendance)

Director of Finance and Operatio

Helen Latham (In attendance) Director of Finance & Operations

Trust Governance

Sandy Gillett (Chair) Trustee
Marie Grant (Vice Chair) Trustee/Chair Nonsuch LGB
Nigel Pepper Trustee
Philip Taylor Trustee
Jennifer Smith (In attendance) CEO

Trust HR

Philip Taylor (Chair)


Sandy Gillett (Vice Chair)


Laura Sutton

Wallington Governor

Jennifer Smith CEO
Sue Cooke Nonsuch Governorn

Hamza Aumeer

Trustee/Chair of Wallington LGB

Chris Cox

Carshalton Governor

Helen Latham (in attendance)

Director of Finance and Operations

Carshalton High School for Girls Local Governing Body

Name Role Date Appointed Term of office Ends

Malcolm Munro (Chair)


17.6.2019 31.3.2022
Chris Cox (Vice Chair) Appointed Governor 17.3.2019 16.6.2023
Fiona Johnston Appointed Governor 23.9.20 22.9.2024

Nelly Keung

Appointed Governor

8.10.2018 7.10.2022


Appointed Governor

Vacancy Appointed Governor    
Joseph Thevaranjan Parent Governor 27.1.2020 26.1.2024

Matt Butler

Parent Governor

11.12.2018 10.12.2022

Lorna Stanley

Staff Governor

20.5.2016 *19.5.2020

Katie Buchanan

Staff Governor

8.2.2017 *7.2.2021

Moe Devenney


1.9.2019 On termination of employment

Nonsuch High School for Girls Local Governing Body

Name Role Date Appointed Term of Office Ends

Marie Grant (Chair)

Trustee 11.5.2019 31.3.2022

Andrea Cooke (Vice Chair)

Appointed Governor

30.6.2018 29.6.2022
Emma Walford Appointed Governor 18.4.2018 17.4.2022

Sue Cooke

Appointed Governor

25.9.2019 24.9.2023

Param Vivehanandha

Appointed Governor

24.8.2020 23.8.2024
Nithyanand Poornanandan Appointed Governor 24.8.2020 23.8.2024

Claire Copland

Parent Governor

3.2.2020 2.2.2024

Sunita Mohan

Parent Governor 31.10.2018 30.10.2022

Hannah Shortt

Staff Governor

1.5.2018 *30.4.2022

Gavin Murdoch

Staff Governor

6.10.2017 *5.10.2021
Amy Cavilla Headteacher 1.9.2016 On termination of employment

Wallington High School for Girls Local Governing Body

Name Role Date Appointed Term of Office Ends

Hamza Aumeer (Chair)

Trustee 31.3.2018 30.3.2022

Imran Ahmad

Appointed Governor 16.9.2020 15.9.2024

Rosemary Allotey

Appointed Governor

30.6.2019 29.6.2023

Eveline Reynolds-Boison

Appointed Governor

10.7.2017 9.7.2021

Nadia Nagamootoo

Appointed Governor

28.11.2017 27.11.2021

Laura Sutton

Appointed Governor

27.1.2020 26.1.2024
Naheed Ali Parent Governor 26.11.2019 25.11.23

Julie Smith (Vice Chair)

Parent Governor

8.6.2017 7.6.2021

Vicky Watson

Staff Governor

31.12.2019 30.12.2023
Alison Sleight Staff Governor 23.11.2019 22.11.2023
Richard Booth Headteacher 1.9.2016 Ex-Officio

*or on termination of contract of employment

In addition, an Executive Team work strategically to shape the direction of the Trust and manage the day to day operations. The current structure is as follows: