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"English is the language of the future, the most important tool you’ll ever need, no matter what career you choose."

 Benjamin Zephaniah, Poet, Writer, Actor

"It’s in literature that true life can be found. It’s under the mask of fiction that you can tell the truth."

 Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prize Winner

The English Department’s aim is to develop a love of the English language and literature and to ensure that our students are confident, imaginative and creative communicators. The study of English language gives students the flexibility and confidence to choose what they say and write in a variety of situations. Through Literature, students explore what it is to live in the varied, ever changing and exciting world we inhabit.

The habit of reading for pleasure and its value as a skill for life underpins all aspects of student learning. Students become enthusiastic and critical readers of novels, plays, and poetry. Drama comes alive in the classroom and through productions. They learn to be discriminating readers of newspapers, magazines and other media. 

In the English Department, we encourage a range of interactive learning styles. Students work on their own, or with others to produce both written and oral work, multi-media presentations and drama role-plays. 

As a specialist subject, we aim to offer an exciting and modern programme of theatre visits, student conferences, overseas trips, writing competitions, speaking challenges and reading clubs.

Department Staff

Director of English
Mrs N Bhatt
Deputy Director of English Mrs N Patel
Teacher of English
Mrs A Davis
Literacy and AR coordinator Ms T Ishola
Teacher of English Ms R Barnes
Teacher of English Miss R Kelly-Smith
Teacher of English Mrs L Jones
Teacher of English Ms P Keville
Teacher of English Miss C Lovell
Teacher of English Mr M Nott
Teacher of English
Miss J Oladogba
Teacher of English Miss A Charan