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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

Business BTEC KS5

What will students study in Business BTEC at KS5?

BTEC Business is a National Extended Certificate qualification at Level 3, following Pearson Edexcel syllabus. In this two-year qualification, students will work towards achieving a Distinction, Merit or Pass level by completing 4 units. The Extended Certificate is for learners who are interested in learning about the business sector alongside other fields of study, with a view to progressing to a wide range of higher education courses, not necessarily in business-related subjects.

Students will complete 3 mandatory units and 1 optional unit that we will be selecting. Two of the mandatory units will be completed in Year 12, which are Unit 1 Exploring Business and Unit 3 Personal and Business Finance. In Year 13, students will complete Unit 2 Developing a Marketing Campaign and the optional unit, Unit 8 Recruitment and Selection Process.

What are the major assessments at KS5?

In Year 12 – Unit 1 is an internally assessed and 100% coursework-based assessment. Throughout the year, students will have several deadlines to meet as they will have several assignments to complete in order to achieve their overall grade for this unit. Unit 3 is an externally assessed and examination-based unit, which means that students will be sitting a 2 hour exam in May/June of Year 12 externally.

In Year 13 – Unit 2 will be externally marked and conducted under supervised conditions. Learners will carry out research based on a pre-released brief and then sit a supervised assessment in a single three-hour session timetabled by Pearson in Dec/Jan exam series. Unit 8 will be an internally assessed and 100% coursework-based assessment, for which students will have to complete several assignments with various deadlines throughout the second half of the academic year.

What do assessments test?

Unit 1 Exploring Business coursework will assess the learners on identifying the features of different businesses and analysing what makes them successful, investigating how businesses are organised, examining the environment in which businesses operate, examining business markets and investigating the role and contribution of innovation and enterprise to business success.

Unit 2 Developing a Marketing Campaign assess learners’ ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of marketing principles, concepts, processes, key terms, data sources and definitions, to analyse marketing information and data, to demonstrate the ability to interpret the potential impact and influence on marketing campaigns and evaluate evidence to make informed judgements about how a marketing campaign should be planned, developed and adapted in light of changing circumstances.

Unit 3 Personal and Business Finance assess students’ understanding of how to manage their personal finances, learn about financial organisations, different types of bank accounts, insurances and managing debt. It also assesses the learners’ appreciation of business finance concepts such as costs, revenues, profit/loss, break even and raising finance.

Unit 8 Recruitment and Selection Process assesses the learners on how they can differentiate between job roles and functions, personnel management in a business, recruitment and selection processes, how the learners can demonstrate these skills and ensure that they are ready for the world of work.

What are the expectations of students in Business BTEC?

One of the key expectations of students in Business BTEC is that they are not only genuinely interested in business and the world around them but they are also highly organised, manage their time well and have high standards of work ethics. This is due to the nature of the qualification having elements such as regular deadlines to meet, coursework completion, research and writing skills, following instructions and regulations and plenty of independent work that must be completed.

What should students do if they feel they are struggling in Business BTEC?

As in any subject, your child should approach their subject teacher(s) for support and guidance if they are struggling in their Business BTEC. They should utilise their free time well and ensure that they complete any incomplete work under the guidance of their teachers. They should also use textbooks, revision guide and resources made available to them to do revision on key concepts as well as get guidance on how to complete assignments.

How can I best support my child in Business BTEC?

It is highly important that your child engages in a conversation with you about how they manage their time and workload. As mentioned in previous sections, although there is only one written examination and another externally assessed unit, completing coursework requires the students to keep up with several and at times, tight deadlines. It would be beneficial to follow these deadlines and ensure that any time outside the lessons is used productively to continue working on meeting these deadlines while producing high quality of written work.

Whom should I contact for further advice or information?

For further advice or information, please contact Ms Sanda, Curriculum Leader for Business and Economics on