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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in January 2023 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

Art KS3

What will students study in Art this year?

At Key Stage three, students are introduced to a range of foundational concepts and techniques which they will develop and build upon as they progress through the school.

In Year 7 we use a range of materials and subjects but prioritise learning around the formal elements and basic skills in the creation of visual arts. We are a skills based, multi disciplinary department with a focus on developing confidence with a wide range of materials. Students will learn drawing, painting, printmaking, basic Photoshop and sculpture/ ceramics. Students will be taught and supported in ways which improve their manual dexterity and hand eye coordination. Students are also introduced to the importance of Art History and will be taught about the work of certain key artists in a way which will inspire and inform their own creativity. Drawing, painting and printing skills will be explored and developed through still life, landscape and detail studies.

In year 8 students will build upon this foundational learning by learning about the importance of movements and cultural identity in Art. They will begin to learn about photography and digital imaging while continuing to practise and develop their understanding and abilities in drawing.

Integral to our teaching is the rich resource of London’s galleries and related online materials. While we do arrange some trips, students are encouraged to become independent in their exploration of the rich and varied resources to be found London’s museums and galleries.

What are the major assessments this year?

At Key Stage three students’ progress is tracked through the completion of three marked assessments per year (one each term.) These assessments are designed to consolidate learning and to demonstrate and mark progress. Students’ progress is also assessed at the end of each project, on a termly basis.

What do assessments test?

These assessments test the students practical drawing skills, their understanding of an application of formal elements and their grasp of the importance and practical utility of Art history.

What are the expectations of my daughter in Art?

Students are expected to come to lessons well-prepared, with their sketchbooks, art materials and any other project specific resources. Students are expecting to make an effort to understand and practice the concepts and techniques they are taught, and to respond to feedback. We expect homework to be completed and submitted on time, and also encourage and support an ongoing interest and curiousity about Art outside of the student's formal education, through use of home media, the internet and by visiting museums and galleries.

What should my daughter do if she feels she is struggling in Art?

We encourage open communication by whichever means (usually in person, by email) students are most comfortable. Students are encouraged to share any concerns or difficulties with their teachers in the first instance, but can also speak with the head of Art or their form tutors.

How can I best support my daughter in Art?

We always encourage parents/carers to be aware of the project work and homework that the student has in progress, and to encourage drawing practice as well as anything that would foster interest in Art outside of lessons. This could be by considering together the use of Art in everyday life (including entertainment and advertising) or by encouraging or facilitating visits to galleries or Art websites.   

Whom should I contact for further advice or information? 

Mrs Shah, Head of Department:

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