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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

Staff Directory

*School telephone number 020 8647 8294


Job Title

Work Email


Miss F Abreu

Teacher of Science   
Mr S Ahmad

Curriculum Leader Computer Science 3216
Mr M Alletson

Director of Maths 3214
Mrs P Alexander Receptionist/First Aider 2000
Miss A Baker Exams Officer / SEN Admin 2110
Mrs F Basirat

Teacher of Geography  
Ms D Bell Learning Support Asst  
Mrs L Benson Teacher of Science  
Miss L Bevan

Assistant Head of Sixth Form/Teacher of PE/Dance/H&SC

Mrs N Bhatt Director of English

Miss M Boreland

Teacher of H&SC/Child Development  
Ms S Brice

Assistant Year Leader 9/Head of House-Holmes/Teacher of D&T/Food Tech 3224
Mr J Brittain

Data Manager

Miss M Bromfield

Teacher of Maths 3214
Mr N Brunoro Resident Premises Assistant  
Mrs K Buchanan

Senior Science Technician

Mrs J Burton Curriculum Leader Law / Teacher of History 3239
Mr J Castro

Curriculum Leader MFL 3218
Miss M Cherry

Teacher of History  
Miss J Cole Pastoral Support Officer 2111
Mrs F Cole Senior Cover Supervisor 2110
Mr L Conduit-Smith

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs H Connolly Attendance & Sixth Form Administrator  
Miss M Crockett Receptionist/First Aider 2000
Miss F Crump

Teacher of English  
Mrs N Devaney

Year Leader 9/Teacher of MFL  
Mr M Devenney

Mrs A Driver Assistant Headteacher  
Mrs P Durrett Assistant Headteacher

Mr A Elstone

Deputy Headteacher

Mr A Fletcher Teacher of Maths  
Mrs C Foley

Director of Maths

Mrs S Franco Learning Support Assistant  
Ms A Frankland Learning Support Assistant  
Ms Z Fulton Learning Support Assistant  
Miss H Garrad Cover Supervisor 2110
Mrs B Gill

Teacher of History  
Mr S Godman

Curriculum Leader History/Lead Practitioner/SLE

Miss R Golightly

Curriculum Leader of

Dance & PE 3248
Mr M Gowar

Curriculum Leader Psychology 3233
Mr J Haddrill

Deputy Head of IT

Miss F Haque

Teacher of Sociology  
Mrs J Harmsworth

Learning Support Assistant

Miss H Holmes

Designated Safeguarding Lead

/Teacher of Art

Mrs B Horkan Media & Repro Technician 3212
Ms T Ishola

Assistant Year Leader 11/Head of House - Rowling/Teacher of English               2122
Mr C James

Assistant Headteacher/ SENDCo

Mr A Jeyasothy

Teacher of Maths  
Ms D Johnson Assistant Year Leader 10/Head of House - Roddick/Teacher of Maths 3214
Miss K Johnson

Teacher of Dance

Deputy Curriculum Leader PE & Dance 3242
Ms R Kelly-Smith

Year Leader 8

Teacher of English 2118
Mrs N Kikidis

Art & DT Technician

Mr V Kumar

Teacher of Maths 3214
Mrs V Lacey

Teacher of MFL

Ms A Lagess

Curriculum Leader of Citizenship

Mr B Lewis

Teacher of Science  
Mrs M Lane

Community Languages Co-ordinator/ Teacher of MFL

Mr M Mahmood

Teacher of Science  
Miss J Marshall

Year Leader 10

Teacher of PE & Dance

Miss M Martino

Teacher of English

/Media Studies  
Miss S Matundu Curriculum Support Officer  
Mrs H McCready

Director of Science  
Mrs N McDowell

DT Technician

Mrs S McLaren

Principal First Aider

Mrs P Mellish

Education & Attendance Welfare Officer

Ms M Morgan Teacher of Computer Science  
Mrs S Nadeem Enrichment & Events Coordinator/First Aider  
Mrs L Nawaid

Head of Physics / Teacher of Science  
Mrs W Newman Pastoral Support Officer/Safeguarding Deputy 3222
Mrs S Norman

Teacher of Geography


Mr M Nott

Curriculum Leader Media Studies

Miss S Ogden

Curriculum Leader Music  
Miss J Oladogba

Teacher of Media Studies & English  
Mrs L Oladokun Assistant Year Leader 8/House of House - Pankhurst/Teacher of Maths  
Mr A O'Sullivan Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs N Patel-Wyeth

Teacher of Art  
Mrs B Pearce

Curriculum Leader Design Technology

Mrs D Phelps-Gardiner Careers & Work Experience Coordinator  
Ms J Pigott

Deputy Curriculum Leader of MFL  
Mrs T Puvirajan Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs S Pye

Deputy Office Manager/First Aider

Mr M Rahman Deputy Director of Science  
Mr Z Rahman Teacher of Maths  
Mr J Rendle Premises Manager 2101
Miss N Robinson

Teacher of Technology  
Mr D Rogers

Curriculum Leader of Drama 3241
Mr J Ross-Dreher

Teacher of Maths  
Miss T Sabulal (Maternity Leave)

Teacher of Maths /

Raising Achievement  
Mrs C Sackey Curriculum Support Officer  
Mr M Sambrook

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs L Shelton EAL Co-ordinator  
Mrs N Sindhu

Teacher of Science  
Mrs G Sohante

Teacher of Science  
Mrs G Sparks Behaviour Support Officer 3236
Mr M Speller Senior Premises Assistant  
Mrs S Stangroom

Curriculum Leader Geography 3210
Miss L Stanley Year Leader 7/ Teacher of Maths 2122
Mrs M Stockley

Teacher of Business  
Mr J Stockwell Premises Assistant  
Mr J Stockwell

Year Leader 11/

Teacher of Citizenship  
Mrs M Sypko-Shah

Curriculum Leader Art 3237
Mr T Treagust

Teacher of RS

/ Raising Achievement  
Mrs N Umara

Deputy Director of English  
Mrs S Warren

Pastoral Support Officer/Safeguarding Deputy

Mrs R Watkins Learning Support Assistant 2000
Mrs S Willard Head's PA/HR Officer 2108
Miss A Williams Assistant Year Leader 7/Transition Co-ordinator/Teacher of Drama  
Mrs J Willis

Senior Learning Support Assistant

Miss N Winders

Curriculum Leader Sociology / Gov & Politics  
Mrs K Wynn

Office Manager & School Webmaster/First Aider

Mrs S Young

LRC Manager/Jack Petchey Co-ordinator