Important News

Science Year 11

Students continue with their GCSE Combined Science or Triple Science course.
All content is examined at the end of year 11. This includes content they have covered in year 9 and year 10. Students will have regular assessments during the year to track their progress and understanding of the content.
Specification details
Students are following the OCR Gateway Science A GCSE (9-1) specification.  By the end of year 11 students will have covered the topics listed below:
Biology (combined and triple science)
B1: Cell level systems
B2: Scaling up
B3: Organism level systems
B4: Community level systems
B5: Genes, inheritance and selections (interactions between systems)
B6: Global challenges
Chemistry (combined and triple science)
C1: Particles
C2: Elements, compounds and mixtures
C3: Chemical reactions
C4: Predicting and identifying reactions and products.
C5: Monitoring and controlling chemical reactions
C6: Global challenges
Physics (combined science)
P1: Matter
P2: Forces
P3: Electricity and magnetism
P4: Waves and radioactivity
P5: Energy
P6: Global challenges
Physics (triple science)
P1: Matter
P2: Forces
P3: Electricity
P4: Magnetism and magnetic fields
P5: Waves in matter
P6: Radioactivity
P7: Energy
P8: Global challenges
Further details about the courses can be found by following the links below:
 Practical skills
As part of the new specification students will cover and participate in required practical work to develop their practical skills and their understanding of how science works. Students can expect to be examined on their understanding of this practical work at the end of the course.