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Science experimentScience is about the world around us. Science taught in school gives the ability to understand and interpret the things that happen in everyday life. The practical, team-working, organisational and social skills that are developed within science are key in allowing the girls that come into the school to achieve their full potential. To this end, the science faculty is dedicated and determined to identify and nurture the scientist within. We believe that this will give our girls the opportunity to become young women who will have the knowledge, courage and determination to succeed both in their personal and professional futures.

Science also develops cross curricular skills such as literacy and numeracy which are used in every subject across the school. As a department we are focussed on encouraging the girls to develop their own style of learning and understanding at a pace which suits them, with our support and guidance.

Science at Carshalton Girls High School offers many routes to becoming a scientist. We offer Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Applied Science up to A Level and a choice of Triple and Combined GCSE ensuring the right choice for the girls to succeed.

Department Staff

Director of Science Mr C Bond
Deputy Director of Science Mrs H McCready
Teacher of Science /
Maximising Achievement KS3
Ms S Bahk
Teacher of Science /
Maximising Achievement KS5
Ms E Chambers
Teacher of Science Mr L Conduit-Smith
Teacher of Science Mr M Devenney
Teacher of Science Mr A Elstone
Teacher of Science
Mrs L Nawaid
Teacher of Science Ms A Mundy
Teacher of Science Mrs L Benson
Teacher of Science Mrs G Sohante
Teacher of Science Mr M Mahmood
Senior Science Technician
Mrs K Buchanan
Science Technician
Mr A MacRae