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PE in the Sixth Form

A Level PE

Introduction to the subject: You will study Applied anatomy and physiology, Exercise physiology & applied movement analysis, Skill acquisition, Sport psychology and Sport & Society. You will be involved in one practical performance in one chosen sport as a player/performer or coach and you will be complete one piece of coursework based on Performance Analysis and Performance Development Programme.

What board do we follow?
What is the course about?

What sort of work will I be doing?

The work is split in between coursework/practical and theory, with much more emphasis on the theory work. You will be expected to do research, and investigative work, group work and individual tasks. You will also be expected to complete regular homework assignments and do further reading at home. You are expected to participate in sport outside of school and take part in extra curricular activities within the school.

How will I be assessed?

You will have two written exams in year 2 and a practical/coursework moderation in the same year but will be internally assessed across the 2 years.

Entry requirements:
  • Grade 5 or above in PE
  • Grade 5 or above in English
  • Grade 5 or above in Biology or Combined Science.
  • Must take part in sport outside of school

What extra work can I do?

  • Further Reading at home
  • Attend extra-curricular clubs
What do the students say?

“I really enjoyed the A-Level PE course. It has been interesting and fun; I feel I’ve gained a lot through learning about skills and how the body works which will benefit me in my chosen university degree of Sport and Coaching Development.” Charlotte

“A-Level PE had been a brilliant experience. The course has taught me all the background to sport which I love doing. I have particular enjoyed learning about the psychology behind what makes a successful performance” Kerry

And finally….

The PE department has very high expectations - To fulfill your true potential in A level PE you will need to have a keen interest in the subject. It is vital that you have lots of enthusiasm and commitment to the course as you will be expected to attend extra curricular clubs.

With a qualification in Physical Education you could go on to Higher Education and pursue a career in the following areas:

· Sports Coach
· Sports Development
· Facilities Management
· Sports Science
· Sports Nutrition
· PE teacher
· Lecture
· Sports Marketing
· Sports Broadcasting
· Sports Journalism
· Chiropractor
· Physical Therapist
· Personal Fitness Trainer
· Sports Physiotherapy

BTEC: National Extended Certificate in Sport

Introduction to the subject:  You will study three mandatory units:

  • Unit 1: Anatomy and Physiology
  • Unit 2: Fitness Training and Programming for Health, Sport and Well-being
  • Unit 3: Professional Development in the Sports Industry.

There is one optional unit which has been designed to support choices in progression to sport courses in higher education, and to link with relevant occupational areas.

What board do we follow?
What is the course about?

Entry requirements:
  • Grade 4 or above in PE, English and combined science
  • Must take part in sport outside of school
Progression and career opportunities:
  • University courses
  • Sports Coach
  • Sports Development
  • Facilities Management
  • Sports Science
  • Sports Nutrition
  • PE teacher
  • Lecture
  • Sports Marketing
  • Sports Broadcasting
  • Sports Journalism
  • Chiropractor
  • Physical Therapist
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Sports Physiotherapy
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