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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

PE A Level KS5

What will students study in A Level PE this year?

A Level PE, students follow the Edexcel course.

The course is split 70% theory to 30% practical.

They will study three mandatory units:

- Component 1: Scientific Principles of Physical Education

- Component 2: Psychological and Social Principles of Physical Education

- Component 3: Practical Performance

-Component 4: Performance Analysis and Performance Development Programme

Learners will explore the following:

-Component 1: Applied anatomy and physiology and Exercise physiology and applied movement analysis

-Component 2: Skill acquisition, Sport psychology and Sport and society

-Component 3: Skills performed in one physical activity as a player/performer or skills performed in one physical activity as a coach

-Component 4: In the role of player/performer or coach analyse two components of a physical activity (one physiological component and either a tactical or technical component) or in the role of player/performer or coach analyse, implement and evaluate a Performance Development Programme.

What are the major assessments this year?

At the beginning of each topic, pupils will be asked to complete a small initial assessment to understand their knowledge of a topic to aid teacher planning. At the end of each unit of work students will be assessed on their knowledge and understanding through exam questions. Students will recomplete the initial assessment to assess learning from each unit.

Your child will also complete 3 written assessments in line with the school calendar at the end of each term.

What do assessments test?

The written assessment will test pupils’ knowledge and understanding of key theory concepts.

What are the expectations of my daughter in A level PE?

Pupils should turn up to their lessons with all their equipment, including any additional reading and tasks completed. They need to have a positive attitude towards learning and participate to the best of their ability every lesson. Pupils are also expected to review key concept from every lesson and complete all homework to the best of their ability.

What should my daughter do if she feels she is struggling in A level PE?

In the first instance, please get your child to talk to their teacher about how we can support them further and offer them targeted advice and ways to help. They may suggest extra resources to aid their work or further research tasks.

How can I best support my daughter in A Level PE?

Ensure your child is completing all coursework to the best of their ability and all deadlines are met. Encourage your child reviews all theory content to develop their recall knowledge and participate in sport outside of school.

Whom should I contact for further advice or information?

Please feel free to contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance. Miss Golightly, Head of PE and Dance, is also available on for any further queries.