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Learning Skills Days

For three days in the Summer Term students come off timetable and have Deep Learning Experiences. Students will work on deep learning activities and develop aspects of the PiXL Edge programme of leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication. Further details of this programme can be found at
Students are given time to explore ideas and projects for extended periods of time and work in mutually supportive groups. They also take part in evaluating how the days have developed their skills as learners.
Particularly successful days in recent years have included such diverse experiences as newspaper fashion shows, producing Holocaust memorial books, filing and editing video journals and producing a play in a day.

2017 Learning Skills days are as follows:

The programme for Year 7 students:

Wednesday 28th June: ‘Conservation’ with the Science department. Some students will visit the Natural History Museum in Kensington. Students remaining on site will research endangered animals and create environments for wildlife.

Thursday 29th June: ‘One day fashion show’ with the MFL and Media departments. Students will research fashion and culture from across the world and will then design and create costumes made out of newspaper. It would be very helpful if your daughter could bring a newspaper to use on this day.

Friday 30th June:  ‘Careers’ with the Vocational department. Some students will visit ‘Kidzania’ in Shepherd’s Bush. Students remaining on site will research and make presentations on careers.

The programme for Year 8 students:

Wednesday 28th June: ‘Orienteering’ with the PE and Dance department. Students go on a trip to Box Hill for orienteering. Students not attending the trip will devise and create an orienteering course in school

Thursday 29th June: ‘Expressive Arts Explosion’ with the Art, Drama and Music departments. Students will take part and lead in a artistic and creative activities and workshops including set production and making a mural.

Friday 30th June: ‘Maths to the Edge’ with the Maths department. Students will take part in a carousel of activities including origami and model production.

The priogramme for Year 9 students:

Wednesday 28th June: ‘Wellbeing Conference’ with the Citizenship department. Students will engage in a series of presentations and workshops from outside agencies to enhance the PSHCE curriculum.

Thursday 29th June: ‘If at first you don’t succeed’ with the English Department. Students will research, design and reflect on the concept of success.

Friday 30th June: ‘Remembering the Holocaust’ with the History Department. Students will research the Holocaust and work in groups to produce a book about the Holocaust. They will also have the opportunity to meet a Holocaust survivor.

Students will engage in discussions in Tutor Time to promote reflection on their learning and evaluation of their learning experiences.
For further information please contact Mr Sambrook Assistant Headteacher
Previous years' Learning Skills Days have included the following:
Year 7: 
  • Learning to play bridge with the Mathematics Faculty
  • Making videos and designing t-shirts with the MFL faculty
  • designing and producing bunting with the Technology faculty
 Year 8:
  • designing, creating and performing  plays including sets and costumes with the Expressive arts Faculty
  • designing, making, playing and evaluating board games with the English Faculty
  • orienteering and making people pyramids with the PE and Dance department
Year 9
  • building and testing bridges with the Science faculty.
  • researching and producing a memorial book and will meeting a Holocaust survivor  with the Humanities faculty.
  • researching, designing and pitching ideas for a new rollercoaster ride with the Vocational faculty.


Feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive. The top rated day for Year 7 students was the Arts Faculty day involving the Drama, Music and Art departments. When asked to evaluate their experiences, student comments included ‘I loved the Art afternoon’ and ‘we really used our imagination’.

The top rated day for Year 8 students was the English Faculty day in which student created classroom Olympic sports. Students commented that they felt this day really focussed on their team building skills and encouraged them to work with new people.

For Year 9 students the top rated day was an outstanding day provided by the Humanities Faculty linked to the Holocaust and the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Students thrived on the opportunity to meet a Holocaust survivor. One student commented ‘this is a day I’ll never forget- thank you’.

Many students have asked that the Learning Skills Days could last for a whole week, and although this might not be possible, more Learning Skills Days are planned for next year.

Mr Sambrook