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StonehengeThe study of History is both important and engaging for students at secondary level.  Through studying History, students gain a sense of the past and a knowledge of the importance of historical events and their causes.  Their curiosity, interest and enjoyment of history is cultivated.  In addition to this, the subject equips students with the ability to approach their studies analytically and logically.  It also trains students to think and write coherently and confidently, developing their ability to adopt a viewpoint or reach a judgement based on evidence.  As such, it equips students with a broad range of transferable skills which are essential across the curriculum and beyond their school career.

 Department Staff

Curriculum Leader/Lead Practitioner
Mr S Godman
Teacher of History/Asst Head
Mr M Sambrook
Teacher of History
Miss J Lowe
Teacher of History
Mr C James
Teacher of History Miss J Craft
Teacher of History Mrs B Gill