Important News

Governor Meetings

The Local Governing Body of Carshalton High School for Girls meets four times a year: once in the Autumn Term, once in the Spring Term and twice in the Summer Term.

These dates are set by the Trust Board. Some of the local governing body’s responsibilities are delegated to committees. The Premises Committee oversees site, health and safety and local premises issues. The Curriculum Committee deals with the comprehensive curriculum of CHSG, in conjunction with the Senior Seadership Team.

The Chair of the Local Governing Body is Mr Paul Harding and the Vice Chair Mr Chris Cox. A full list of Governors can be found on the Governors’ page. You can contact any governor by writing to them via the school.

9.10.18 Local Governing Body Meeting
24.1.19 Local Governing Body Meeting
29.4.19 Local Governing Body Meeting
8.7.19 Local Governing Body Meeting