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Food & Nutrition Year 9

CakesYear 9 Taster
In year 9 students can choose to study a six week ‘taster’ session which will give them an idea of what GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition is like. During the taster students continue to develop their practical skills and knowledge about Food Science and Nutrition.
Students will prepare various dishes and study the nutrition of the food. They will also look at scientific principles, such as how raising agents and affect food.
The focus in Year 9 Food Preparation and Nutrition is to:
  • Build on knowledge gained in KS3.
  • Continue to make students aware of the importance of health, hygiene and safety.
  • Carry out risk and hazard assessments in each lesson.
  • Encourage students to use a larger range of equipment and materials to the best of their advantage.
  • Develop student's understanding of the designing of recipes within product development.
  • Develop student's ICT skills through the use of the nutritional analysis programmes.
  • Begin equipping students with skills they will need to be successful at KS4, such as scientific experiments.
  • Promote an enjoyment of food.
Year 9 (two terms), Year 10 and Year 11

Students study for the AQA Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE, which is 50% Coursework and 50% examination.

Students complete a two-part coursework in Year 11, which is assessed through a scientific experiment write up. Students also need to complete research, planning and preparing a two course meal.

 Awarding Body:                         AQA

Examination Details:                Written paper 50% +and Coursework 50% (40 hours)

What is studied on the course
  • Designing your own recipes
  • Carrying out practical experiments
  • Making informed choices about ingredients
  • Nutritional analysis
  • How to present a dish attractively
  • Understanding functional and chemical properties of food
  • Selecting appropriate cooking methods
  • Understanding food and the environment
  • Developing recipes and considering special diets/ nutritional needs / target markets
  • How food is prepared and presented
  • How to use the internet to research ideas
  • Product planning and development
  • How to select ingredients and work with tools and equipment
  • How to evaluate products by tasting and testing them
  • ·Latest food fads and nutritional implications.
  • Sustainable sources for food, transport & packaging
Who should study this course?
  • Any student wishing to enter the fascinating and demanding world of the Food and /or Catering Industry.
  • Any student wanting to gain skills which will be useful in a wide range of jobs, in further study of Design and Technology and in personal life.
How is it taught?

The theory work for the course is taught through a range of short “Design and Make” projects, which cover all aspects of the examination. Scientific and nutritional aspects will be taught in relation to the food prepared.

How will this course lead to careers involving Food?

With this qualification you could go on to further study Food Technology at Btec level or go to college and do a range of vocational qualifications which could lead to various careers in the Food industry. For example: Catering, Purchasing and Dietitians.

Food and nutrition is also an important part of Sports Science or students who are interested in Child care or Nursing as a career.

Week 1
Introduction in to module
Hygiene and Safety in the Kitchen
Food Hygiene
Week 2
Introduction to Briefs
8 Tips for Eating Well
Product Analysis 
Week 3
Design Specifications
Cook Idea 1
Week 4
Cook Idea 2
Cook Idea 3
Week 5
Modification Thought Showers
Cook Modified Idea
Week 6
Nutritional Analysis
Week 7
Presentations to the rest of the class
Additional Information:

You can support your daughter in Food and Nutrition by providing all the ingredients necessary to carry out practical lessons. You can help her with homework tasks and provide encouragement and support with what she’s studying in school. Actively involve your daughter in cooking at home to encourage confidence and an enjoyment for food.