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Food & Nutrition Year 8

During Years 7 and 8 all students study a 19 week (1/2 school year) Food and Nutrition course which is an integral part of the Design and Technology curriculum. The module places a strong emphasis on developing a variety of practical skills and gaining an understanding of basic nutrition. All the work the girls undertake is based around the national guidelines for healthy eating and focuses on working hygienically and safely.  
The focus in KS3 Food and Nutrition is to:
  • Develop an understanding and application of hygiene and safety when working with food.
  • Encourage students to become familiar with (and more confident in) the cooking area.
  • Develop an understanding of weighing and measuring ingredients.
  • Encourage students to use equipment and materials to the best of their advantage.
  • Develop and understanding and application of using the cooker safely (grill, hob, oven).
  • Develop an understanding and application of diet and health.
  • Make students aware of the importance of nutrition.
  • Develop an understanding of how to develop, plan and cook a range of food products.
  • Promote an enjoyment of food.
  • Understand basic scientific principles when preparing food.

   Week 1

Introduction into the module and the expectations. Develop an understanding of personal hygiene and food storage to prevent the risk of food poisoning

Week 2

Practical: Healthy Cakes

Week 3

Practical: Macaroni Cheese

Week 4

Practical: Koftas

Week 5

Practical: Quiche

Week 6

Practical: Curry

Week 7

Practical: Fajitas

Week 8

Practical: Spaghetti Bolognese

Week 9

Practical: Fruit Flan

Week 10

Practical: Marble Pear Tray Bake

Week 11

Practical: Carrot Cakes

Week 12

Practical: Bread