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Drama Year 11

GCSE Drama

Students learn to use the necessary explorative strategies, drama elements and drama medium in order to create theatrically effective pieces of work.

The course comprises of three units

Component One:
40% of qualification
Students explore stimuli in a group, developing ideas, rehearsing and refining
these to create a devised piece of theatre for an assessed performance
Students record the creation and development process of this group
performance in a portfolio and evaluate their contribution to the process and the
Component Two:
Performance from text
20% of qualification
Students explore two extracts from one play text.  They create a performance from the text,
rehearsing and refining their performance/design realisations for an assessed performance.
Students participate as a designer/performer andmay submit a monologue, duologue or group piece for each extract.
Component Three:
Theatre Makers in Practice
40% of qualification
Students practically explore a chosen set Text, DNA
Students are audience members for a live performance.
They practice responding to questions for both sections in examination conditions.
Written examination:
Section A – Bringing texts to life
Section B – Live theatre evaluation (students can take in 500 words of notes)

All students are expected to make a commitment to rehearse outside of lesson times.  They are also required to participate in theatre visits during the course.