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Dance Year 9

AQA GCSE Dance Course

PRACTICAL  - marked by teacher and moderated by external examiner
Component 1a
Solo Performance of 2 Set Phrases –approx 1 min
15 marks
1 hour 30minutes theory examination
Exam content
1.       Knowledge and understanding of choreographic process and performing skills
2.       Critical appreciation of own work
3.       Critical appreciation of professional works from dance Anthology
Professional works
Within Her Eyes
Artificial Things
A Linha Curva
Emancipation of Expressionism
Component 1a
Duet/Trio performance that includes a clear theme and movements from the remaining two set phrases   3 – 5 minutes
25 marks
Total Component 1a – 40 marks/30%
Component 1b
Solo or group Choreography
Each student is responsible for creating their own piece of choreography based on one of the ideas set by AQA.
Solo 2 – 2 ½ minutes
Group 3-3 ½ minutes
Total Component 1a – 40 marks/30%
The Year 7 and Year 8 curriculum introduces students to key dance skills and two of the professional works from the Dance Anthology. Year 9 will provide students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the skills and professional works in more depth and detail. Practical and theoretical tasks are completed for each unit. A choreography and performance task will be incorporated into each task.
Units studied
1.       Taster sessions – Set study solo and choreography in a duet/trio
2.       Infra
3.       Artificial Things
4.       A Linha Curva/Theory mock exam on professional works
5.       Joan Miro – mock practical paper