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Dance Year 8

Dance Year 8Students explore structure and relationships within composition and learn about the importance of motif and motif development. They are taught to perform set dances showing an understanding of style and technique and encouraged to write about their intentions and outcomes.

Topics studied
  • Set study
  • Bollywood
  • Artificial Things
  • Dance Through Time
  • Preparation for Spotlight/Artificial Things theory exam
  • Spotlight
  • Technique
  • Performance skills
  • Response to the music – musicality
  • Composition skills – relationships, motif and motif development, structure
  • Problem solving skills
  • Improvisation – Rehearsal – Performance – Evaluation skills
  • Recording dance
  • Target setting
  • The skill of being able to work as a sensitive and supportive member of a group
  • Listening and speaking skills which support the National Curriculum English
  • Research and ICT skills