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The Business Department has traditionally achieved excellent results and now offers a variety courses from Year 9 onwards to suit all kinds of learners. Students have the option of continuing their studies into the Sixth Form through A Level Business and BTEC Business

At GCSE, students have the opportunity to study many areas in Business such as Marketing and business planning.
Some of the discussion topics covered in the course:
Why is the world so unfair?  Why are some people starving whilst others are dying from obesity related illnesses?  Why is the Euro on the verge of collapse and why should we care?  Why are universities charging so much money and why are some more expensive than others?  Will there be any jobs for you when you finish your education?

If you like debates, if you want to solve problems or if you simply want to understand current economic affairs, this is the course for you.

Department Staff

Curriculum Leader Mr S Ahmad
Business Studies Teacher Mrs M Stockley