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'Respect' Project

The 'Respect' Project is an intergenerational project bring young people and older people together through volunteering.
The Volunteer Centre Sutton (VCS) has been funded by Sutton Safer Partnership since 2005 to run a small project to help reduce the fear of crime and breakdown the negative perception the young have of older people and visa versa. 
This intergenerational work has linked groups of young people from local high schools, including Carshalton High School for Girls, and older people in the community.  Students have volunteered to visit older people in a variety of settings - sheltered housing, day centres and clubs.
During the 2013 project students from Carshalton High School for Girls will be visiting older people at a local community centre. During their visits they will share with each other aspects of their own lives and experiences, for example, students will share their tastes in music and listen to music chosen by the older people, they will share crafts, old and new, to experience new and traditional ideas, share games and bake together.
Students will be blogging about their experiences and taking photographs to illustrate the project.
Here are some of the findings from previous years of the project::
  • Changed  younger people’s views about older people - after the project at least 75% said they felt they could change what their friends thought about older people, as opposed to the start of the project where 90% said they had no hope of influencing what their friends thought of older people.
  • The older people said the experience broke down ‘previous barriers’ they had about young people.
  • Positive interactions with the police and experience of how to handle conflict.
  • Positive interactions with older people who invited them into their homes, potential for future links.
  • Young people went back and asked if they could base a school project on the whole experience, this involved interviewing one of the older people.
  • Positive interactions with people of different cultures.
  • Lots of the parents were very supportive of the project and one directly commented that her son was a different boy and she thought it was due to taking part in the project [the young boy in question suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder]
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