Important News

Year 11 PPE Examinations

The CHSG Year 11 Pre Public Exams (PPE) will take place 6th-22nd November 2018.

Tuesday 6th November
p 3 & 4
English Paper 1
Thursday 8th November
P 1 & 2
English Paper 2
Tuesday 13th November
P 3 & 4
Maths Paper 1
Wednesday 14th November
P 3 & 4
Maths Paper 2
Thursday 15th November
P 1 & 2
Maths Paper 3
Monday 19th November
P 3 & 4
Science Paper 1
Wednesday 21st November
P 3 & 4
Science Paper 2
Thursday 22nd November
P 1 & 2
Science Paper 3

We consider these examinations to be very important for a variety of reasons:

  • The results are used to inform students, parents and staff of progress and attainment
  • The marks and grades are used by staff to support future challenging, but realistic, target setting for individual students, which we know raises expectations and achievement, enabling each student to realise her potential
  • The marks are carefully considered by staff as part of the evidence they use when selecting GCSE tier entries

When not in an exam students will be attending normal lessons.
Year 11 exams are taken in the Hall and Gym.  During exams students may put their bags at the back of the hall/gym. However it is essential that mobile phones are switched off.  If a phone should ring during an exam that student’s paper will be disqualified.

Students must comply with Examination Board regulations. If you would like a copy it can be downloaded here -

Parents are asked to encourage students by ensuring they revise and prepare for examinations. Students must arrive promptly for the start of an examination.

Student must bring their own basic equipment of pen, pencil, ruler and rubber for each exam. In addition they should have an appropriate calculator for the necessary papers.  The school will not supply calculators for examinations.

Please address any queries regarding the PPE exams to Mr Conduit-Smith, Deputy Headteacher