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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

House News - March

What a fun-filled half term for the house team.

What a fun-filled half term for the house team. We have seen the introduction of Ms Johnson as Head of Roddick house and the re-introduction of Ms Ishola as head of Rowling House…and very well timed it was too!
This term has seen two events being held, one of which was amongst the biggest of the year. The first event was the staff vs student bench ball. A simple game where one team scores against the other by getting more team members on the bench than the other. I think it was fair to say that the teachers were feeling fairly confident at beating students at a game where height would be key to success, and then arrived the students, all 40 of them. As you can imagine this changed things a little, so we split the game in 3 parts: teachers vs Years 7 & 8, Year 9 & 10 and lastly against Year 11.
Obviously, the dynamics of ten members of staff preparing to undertake the challenge were altered…but we were up for the challenge. As the Year 7 & 8s took to the court the teachers were brimming with confidence, the ball flying high, literally over the students’ heads, and onto the bench where the teachers ran out deserved winners. As the Year 9 & 10s took to the court the teachers were clearly flagging, exhausted from the minor workout against the youngest year groups. This was a different ball game completely with high intensity and a passion to win. The well fought battle ended with the students beating the teachers taking the win-tally to level pegging. It all came down to the last game. A fiery confrontation with students desperate to prove their sporting prowess against the beleaguered staff team. The students surrounded the teachers’ bench preventing the chance of a staff win until a breakthrough came. The staff managed to draw out a win against the Year 11s to become overall winners once again.
The final event was our celebration for Sports Relief. It started with a mufti day collection on the gate with a number of students and teachers arriving in the
ir favourite sporting tops. The celebration then continued at lunchtime with a silly sports day in the hall. All students had the opportunity to earn house points by partaking in 5 events; shoot the hoop, beat the goalie, ball in a bucket, bean bag on a target and the classic egg and spoon race. A delightful afternoon of joy and relaxation.
This event was also supported by a step challenge where the houses were asked to tot-up their total step counts for the week. A big well done to everyone who counted their steps making a whopping 2,020,456 steps for the week. And an even 
bigger well done to all who contributed on the day as we managed to raise a total of £1,032!

That just leaves us with the house point update which is a follows;
Holmes                    4,331
Rowling                    3,478
Pankhurst                 3,371
Roddick                   3,285
Finally, a big well done to all who have participated in the house events. Next term will see another staff vs student event and the glorious sports day. So, get your sweat bands and running shoes on over Easter and get ready! Have a good one.
The House Team