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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

Year 9 Ambassadors

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What are Year 9 ambassadors?

Year 9’s are given the opportunity to become a student ambassador. They apply for the role by submitting a letter explaining why they think that they are suitable for the role followed by an interview. Students are then picked for the role which lasts for the length of Year 9.

Ambassadors help with various events including parents’ evenings, careers fairs and any other out of hours function where the ambassador role is required.

The role of an ambassador allows a student to develop skills and understanding of how the school functions.

It is a privilege to be an ambassador, as only approximately 30 students from Year 9 are selected for this role. The role involves supporting the teachers at various events, showing prospective parents and pupils around the school and answering questions that the visitors may have.

Recently, the ambassadors were undertaking parent surveys at various events. This information gives the school a clear view of what the visitors think about us as a school.

We are also honoured to show the prospective teachers (and the new Head Teacher) around the school, which shows the amount of responsibility that the school leadership team has given to us. The prospective teachers want to know all about us from the short time we have to show them around, and we also get to find out a little about them!

It is a challenging role due to how little knowledge we have of the people we are showing round. However even though this is a challenge, we know that the first impressions that the visitors have of CHSG come from us.

Grace, 9PK1

My experience as an ambassador

As a Year 9 ambassador I have had many opportunities to represent the school and showcase what our school has to offer. I was really grateful to be chosen as an ambassador because it has really boosted my confidence in myself and how I can be trusted with important roles such as touring visitors.

Ambassadors can be asked to do a range of things from helping out at secondary transfer evening to just escorting guests around the school. Having a responsibility this big can sometimes be challenging but a real confidence booster to know that you've been given this job because you are capable.

As an ambassador you help out a number of events like Parents Evening. This is my favourite event to help out at because I like being on tea and coffee and giving the teachers their drinks and biscuits for the long nights they have ahead of them.

Another duty we help out as being ambassadors are giving tours of the school. You could welcome anyone from a prospective student to the possible next head teacher. This is also one of my favourite jobs because I enjoy showing off our school, meeting friendly guests who ask lots of questions!

Jessica, 9HL2