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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

Lockdown Home Learning Protocols

This update is to clarify our Lockdown Home Learning protocols and what you can expect from us during this lockdown.

In order to manage the flow of information, today’s (7th January) communication will focus on the online learning programme we are offering and tomorrow  I will outline the pastoral care provision and our calendar for the next half-term. This guidance will commence on Monday 11th January and we will be writing to all students today to outline the plans for their year group and our expectations over the next weeks.

Timings of the School Day

The timings of the school day will change so there is a more coherent approach across the school. There is a 5 minute ‘travel time’ to allow students to log out of one online session and into another when required.

Online Learning and Independent Learning

There will be a blended learning experience for students of MS Teams online learning sessions and independent learning lessons. We do not want students to be sat in front of screens for 25 hours every week and we know through our trial days, remote learning sessions and online programme with isolating students, that this is not the most effective way for students to learn and progress. Students will continue to follow their usual timetable and their lesson will either be online or will be independent learning.
The table below highlights the minimum online contact we will have – some subjects will offer more than this but none will offer less. Students should check their ‘Show My Homework’ calendar in advance to see which lessons will be online. We will continue to monitor the amount of work that we are setting students so they do not become overwhelmed and their feedback will be taken on this. There will be extension tasks for those students who are completing work quickly.
Key Stage 5 (Yr 12 & 13) will be entirely online as they study less subjects and therefore have less contact time. Attached to this email is a Student Guide to MS Teams, how to use Show My Homework and our 10 Tips for excellent online learning, all of which will be sent also to students.

Independent Learning Sessions

When students lessons are not online, work will be set for them to undertake independently for submission and discussion in the next online lesson. This work will be provided via Show My Homework and will be set based on their usual timetable.


We will continue to use our booklets as the foundation of our curriculum offer. Where students get to the end of their booklets we will post out the booklet for the next unit in advance.

Assessment and Submission of Work

Students will be asked to submit work regularly for assessment by their teacher. This will be done either via e-mail, Show My Homework, online quizzes or OneDrive. There will be full instructions and guidance given to students on which work is to be assessed and how they should submit it. Please note we do not assess every piece of work a student completes, instead we have key assessment progression points for each unit of work.

Attendance at Lessons and completion of work set

It is extremely important that there is continuity to education throughout this lockdown. It goes without saying that students are expected to complete the work set and they are expected to attend their online lessons. Registers will be taken in each and every lesson and we will contact you if students are not attending lessons or committing to their studies.


We never allow students to disrupt the learning of others; even more so at this crucial time. We expect every student to display the FINEST behaviour in every lesson and our behaviour procedures will operate as normal when learning is online. Teachers will follow the usual class code of conduct to deal with any disruptive or inappropriate behaviour.
They will issue one warning and if poor behaviour continues the student will be removed from the online lesson. This will be recorded at school and go on their SIMS record, after which you will be contacted. If a student is removed from a lesson they will not be allowed onto the next online lesson for that subject. This is for the good of all the other students in that class.
It is important that all students are fully engaged in their learning to ensure they continue to make good progress in all their subjects.


We will continue with our rewards system of a Golden Ticket for each online lesson. Students with the most Golden Tickets in a week will receive a certificate to celebrate their achievements.

Difficulty accessing online lessons

If your daughter has difficulty accessing lessons due to a lack of IT equipment please contact her Head of Year in the first instance. We are constantly prioritising and processing laptop requests and we have given out a large number already to support learning. Please note these laptops are not upgrades and I ask that you only contact your Head of Year if you really are struggling so we can deploy them to those who need them most.
Further information will be provided tomorrow with guidance on our pastoral support. If you have any further questions please do hesitate to contact the School Office or your daughter’s Head of Year.

Mr M M J Devenney, Headteacher