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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

Return to School FAQs


Why is there a phased return to School?

On Wednesday 30th December, the Government announced that there would be a phased return to Secondary education with all year groups receiving remote education w/c 4th January. Year 11 and 13 are currently due to return on 11th January with all other years returning 18th January. This delay was put in place due to the increased number of Covid-19 cases and the increased transmission of the virus as part of a new strain.

Can I send my daughter into School?

All students are to remain at home during this period except the daughters of key workers and invited students. We have already made contact and invited some students to School. Key worker parents should contact the School Office ( by 9am Monday 4th January if they would like their daughter to attend school.
Students must not arrive to School without our knowledge. If your daughter belongs in either of these categories (invited or daughters of key workers), please read the ‘Q and A page for students in School’ below for further guidance.

How will my daughter’s learning carry on?

Students in Years 11, 12 and 13 will have a full online curriculum from Period 3 on Monday 4th January.
Students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 will have work set on Show My Homework from Period 3 on Monday 4th January. They will have some online lessons from Wednesday 6th January onwards.
Work for Key Stage 3 (Yr 7 & 8) and Key Stage 4 (Yr 9, 10 and 11) will be completed in the booklets that have been created by our teachers. In the unusual case that students complete a unit before they return to School, we will post out the necessary booklets for the next unit.

How do students access online learning?

All online lessons that are timetabled will take place on MS Teams. Students have been sent guidance today about how to log on and the expectations of them during this time.
We have held a Home Learning Day to practise for this scenario, so students will know how to access MS Office, their email and MS Teams.

Will my daughter follow her usual timetable?

Yes. This week is Week 1 and students should follow this timetable.

We do not have IT access and/or WIFI at home

If this is the case, please contact your daughter’s Head of Year immediately. We can accommodate students who have no IT access in School, and they can use our IT facilities for their online lessons.

Does my daughter have to attend the online lessons?

Yes absolutely. We expect all students to return to their learning on Monday 4th January without exception. If there is a concern around accessing online lessons, please see the question above. It is important that we get into good habits from the start. We will contact parents/carers when a student is absent from their lesson to find out why they have missed that session.

What if my daughter is sick?

Please contact the absence line as usual and inform us that she is unwell. Her register for that day will be updated. The telephone number is 020 8647 8294 - Select 1 from the menu.

What if my daughter’s teacher is unwell?

I have already seen a rapid increase in the number of staff who are contracting and testing positive for Covid-19. We will carry on with the timetable as outlined; however, in the instance where a member of staff is unwell, we will need to resort to a scenario where work will only be set on Show My Homework. Please note it may be set by another teacher. Each subject Head of Department will have oversight of the curriculum offered.

What if my daughter does not understand the work?

This is perfectly understandable and as before teachers will be available via email if there is no online lesson. If there is an online lesson, the teacher will give students an opportunity to ask questions.

What if my daughter does not complete the work?

It is important that all students give everything a go and attempt all the work set. We are trying to build resilient, young people who will challenge themselves in preparation for their future. However, we do understand that some students will struggle to complete the work. Please do not push too hard on this – an attempt is better than nothing.

Does my daughter have to wear her uniform?

No. However, your daughter does need to dress appropriately, as our School remains a professional environment.

I currently receive Free School Meals. What will happen?

You will continue to receive vouchers via Wonde, as was the case over the Christmas holidays.

Will there be Tutor time activities?

There will only be tutor time activities for Year 11, 12 and 13 from Tuesday 5th onwards. They will run during their normal times. There will be no tutor time activities for other year groups this week.

My daughter is due to sit BTEC exams this week. What should we do?

We are going to run the examinations on Thursday and Friday as per normal. More details will follow on Monday about this.

I have read about testing in Schools. How will this work?

The Government has introduced testing in Schools, and we will be setting up a testing facility this week. No student will be tested without prior permission. I will send out further guidance on Tuesday 5th January.

Can I place my daughter into detention?

Absolutely. But don’t forget to reward her too!

Who do I contact if I have any problems?

Please contact your daughter’s tutor or Head of Year in the first instance if you have any questions, problems or concerns. They will remain available via email.

How long will this situation last for?

The truth is I really do not know. Over the past months I have received the information at the exact same time as you and have had to react (I cannot describe it any other way) to the changes that have been made. We have always tried to be organised and plan effectively but unfortunately I cannot give you the answer to this question at this stage. I only know what we have already planned for, which I have outlined in my previous email to you.
I have also written to our students with reminders on how to access MS Teams and explained our expectations of them this week. We are determined not to let this situation have a negative impact on our girls’ education regardless of how long it goes on for. Please do continue to encourage and challenge your daughter this week and remind her that the holidays are now officially over!
We welcome you once again as part of #teamchsg.

Mr Devenney, Headteacher