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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

Headteacher's Message w/c 29th June

What a glorious week of sunshine we had last week! I hope that you all had the opportunity to enjoy the fine weather!


Please ensure your daughter continues to click the registration link in her e-mail inbox each day. Attached to the registration is a survey most days and the information from this is incredibly valuable in helping us support the girls.

Stories from the English Department

You will know that I am very keen for our students to have a focus on reading, writing and vocabulary. I believe they form the bedrock of any education for any student. To support this a number of videos have been created by members of our English Department where the teachers are reading the text to the students so they can follow the lines and hear the pronunciation of certain words and expressions. This will help all students to understand the value of the various aspects of reading in the grand story. All the videos will be uploaded to our school website and more will be added over time; I hope you will take the time to sit down with your daughter and follow these.

Year 10 face-to-face sessions

We will launch a second wave of face-to-face sessions on Monday 6th July until 16th July for those students who were anxious about coming in during the first wave. Mr Conduit-Smith (Deputy Headteacher) will be in contact with Year 10 to arrange these meetings.

The meetings we have had so far have be incredibly positive and it has been delightful to see so many of Year 10s in School! We have also had some very positive feedback about the MS Teams sessions that are running.

Year 12 sessions

We will be running session for Year 12 over the last 3 weeks. Mr Elstone (Deputy Headteacher) has been in contact with Year 12 encouraging them to sign up for these sessions.

End of Year Reports

We will be sending out End of Year reports to all students. These will be available on Go 4 School during the week commencing 13th July. Should we be able to do so we will also aim to post the reports out to parents/carers.

As part of my correspondence this week I want to take the time to look forward to September and highlight some of the aspects of School life that will be changing, regardless of the situation at the time. It will also give you a flavour of the direction we will be taking.

September Start

ou will no doubt have read or heard in the news that the Government is planning on all students being back in school from September. We were assured at the time that any guidance would be forthcoming in the next 2 weeks; I will keep you updated when we receive this information. However, we are putting all our planning into place for a full cohort of students in September. Should this change then we can change our stance but it is better for us to be prepared. The likelihood is that you and your daughter will be receiving communication from me or members of my team over the Summer Holidays so please continue to check emails.

School Bags from September 

The School Uniform policy has been changed to state that girls should only come to school with “a sturdy, practical rucksack to be able to keep their books and equipment safe as they travel to, from and around the school site. These rucksacks should be black only. No other types of bag are permitted.” Our uniform supplier has stocked a range of bags that will match these requirements and in our research we found the price of these bags to be very competitive and often much cheaper and better quality compared to the branded versions. The supplier’s bags have other benefits such as being more sturdy and they also have a reflective strip so the girls can be seen more easily in the winter nights; a point that has been rightly raised on a regular basis by parents/carers. It will be compulsory for our new Year 7 cohort to purchase the bag directly from our supplier and we will phase in the entire School over a period of time however when you are purchasing a new bag this year we request that you ensure it meets these requirements.

Lockers from September

Another reason for needing a sturdy bag is that we are removing lockers from the classrooms and students will need to carry their equipment in a sturdy bag from now on. There will be no lockers for students from September. The current lockers are dilapidated, old and take up too much space in the classrooms; space that can be used to create better learning environments. There are also concerns with students accessing lockers during lessons and the time that is spent by our premises team breaking open lockers when students have lost keys, forgotten codes or left food in them over the Summer.

School Comms - School Gateway

One of the areas I want to develop further next year is our communication with you at home. We have purchased and are in the process of embedding “School Comms” into our everyday practice within the school. School Comms is an app that allows us to message you directly about your daughter and for us to keep you informed of any information you need to know. You will be able to see attendance, rewards points, behaviour points, detentions etc and we will be sending out your daughter’s reports as well as our newsletter via this app. We will provide a parents guide to ensure you know how to access this key information. We had intended to roll this out in September but we will now delay this until October Half-Term due to social distancing. More information will arrive in due course and we will trial it with some students in September to ensure it is ready when we officially do launch it in October.

There will be other exciting changes that we are currently planning for and I will keep you updated of these in the next weeks.

Additional Resources from Department for Education

The DfE has updated their guidance for online education resources for home learning to include additional resources and new tips to help parents and carers with home education. The link to the resource can be found here should you wish to access them.

Have a good week

Mr M Devenney, Headteacher