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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

Coronavirus Update

27th March

I hope this letter finds you, your family and loved ones well and safe. It has certainly been a strange and challenging week for everyone as we deal with the continued presence of Covid-19 and the lack of structure and normality that we get from being in School and our places of work.

School Work

I wanted to write to you to discuss the work that has been set and to let you know what our plans are for the Easter holidays. Teachers at Carshalton High School for Girls have been setting work each day on Show My Homework for the lessons that would have been part of each students personal timetable. This will continue for the remainder of this week and next. The work that has been set is designed to consolidate the girls current knowledge with the correct level of challenge to keep learning creeping forward. We know that without the presence of a teacher that this is daunting but we are realistic in our expectations of what can be achieved. Please do not let the work become overwhelming and cause anxiety for you or your daughter. Our goal is to ensure there is enough work to keep everyone moving forward but these are anxious enough times without any other added pressure and I encourage you to make a sensible choice in deciding if you feel the correct level of work has been completed. Whilst this certainly is not the time to do no work, it is the time to be sensible in managing the girls’ workload and pressures.

Easter Holidays

Our Curriculum Leaders are currently crafting projects for students to undertake over the Easter Holidays. These projects are designed to be short, engaging and developed through individual research. They are entirely optional and will not be marked by our staff. The reason for setting these projects is to keep the students’ minds active and to give them something to do to stave off boredom. Again these are optional but it does give you the opportunity to work with your daughter if you are at home and you can pick and choose each project as you see fit. These will be loaded onto Show My Homework by Friday 3rd April. I will write to you again next week with the full details of the projects and with specific details for each year group.

School Office

Our School Office remains open between 8.15am and 2.45pm should you have any questions or queries. During the Easter Holidays the school office will only be open on Tuesday 7th and Tuesday 14th April between 8.15am and 2.45pm. If you have a safeguarding concern please contact the office during opening hours or there is an option on our switchboard outside of these hours.

I’m sure you are aware but there are a multitude of companies and celebrities that are offering various free activities to keep everyone entertained. These range from exercise programmes to audio books to free guitar lessons. This may be the perfect time to learn something new as a family if time and circumstance allow. Please ensure the girls are taking the opportunity to read, to be creative, mentally challenged, physically active and more importantly connected with you and their friends.

I have received numerous e-mails from teachers who are disappointed and frustrated that their lessons are not happening but they are extremely motivated to not let this have an impact on the education of your daughters. #teamchsg

Take care

Mr M Devenney, Headteacher


24th March

Information to Year 11 and Year 13 students and parents:



20th March am

I write this message with a great sense of trepidation and sadness. As we are looking at the prospect of closing our school gates for a prolonged period of time we move into a period of uncertainty which will test our school community as well as our wider nation. Please do follow all national advice to keep yourselves, your family and your loved ones safe.

Learning almost seems a very distant second at this time. However, during this closure, I have to defer to you the parent/carer to become part of the wider team of Carshalton High School for Girls. We will be setting work daily on Show My Homework for the girls to complete and to maintain as much normality as possible. Attached to this e-mail is details of how to log onto all of our online programmes.

It is important that you do try to create a routine for you daughter – we know them well and they thrive on the security that routine brings. As a parent myself I know that the prospect of home schooling 2 girls will be a challenge, and I’m trained to do it! We don't expect you to be their teacher but instead guide them, support them and encourage them each day to complete the work set – it is still very much worth it and it will make a huge difference when we return.

Also attached to this email is a document highlighting where you can get pastoral support and guidance should you need it. Pastoral care, safeguarding and wellbeing are extremely important to us and our young people still need to be cared for – this should not increase the vulnerability of anyone. A similar version is on Show My Homework for the girls. If you have any safeguarding concerns please call the numbers on this sheet or the school office where you will be put thorough to the on-call safeguarding officer for that day.

We have maxed our library out this week – 1000 books have been loaned out to the girls! The shelves are empty (in a good way this time!). Please encourage your daughter to read – it is such a valuable asset for the girls both in lessons and in developing their imaginations. Regardless of the subject – we need literacy, vocabulary and the ability to communicate effectively. 20 minutes minimum each day will make a massive difference.

The school office will be available during weekdays. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us between 8.15am and 2.45pm.

Finally from me, I want to say thank you to all of you who have contacted the school with your kind words and comments. We have done our utmost to keep you informed as soon as we could and I hope you feel you have received the right level of communication – even if it was constantly changing! The girls that have been here have been fantastic and they have really played their part in helping us. I would also like to thank my staff who have persevered all week, remained flexible and supported the girls through some of the most difficult times I have experienced in education. A spotlight has been shone on the true value of what schools bring to society this past few weeks.

I wish you and your families all the very, very best. #teamchsg

Take care

Mr M Devenney, Headteacher

19th March

We wanted to remind you of a number of things that we must have finalised before we close the school today.

Key Workers

The school will remain open for the children of key staff who are critical in the prevention and containment of Covid-19. It will also remain open for vulnerable students i.e. those who have an EHCP and those who have a Social Worker, should they require us to do so. If you fall into this category and you have not contacted us you must do so as a matter of urgency. We are drawing up a skeleton staff for each day but we also need to maintain the correct ratio of staff to student for safety reasons. We are more than happy to do our bit and help those in our community who need our help but wemust know who is coming to school.

Only the daughters of those who have contacted us will be allowed on-site after today. Any student who is not on the list on Monday will be sent home.

We will write directly to the parents/carers of those who have contacted us today with clarification on the arrangements and what we will be providing.

Free School Meals

We have made contact with everyone who receives Free School Meals. Again, it is important that we have the details we requested before we close today (20th March)

Year 11 & 13

As I type this e-mail I can hear the excitement of Year 11 outside my door! We are going to carry on and give the students in Year 11 and 13 a proper send off. However due to staff shortages we will have to move the Year 11 leavers assembly to Period 2. The girls will therefore be leaving us at 11.20am today instead of 12.10pm.

There will be further updates throughout today regarding accessing work etc. but for now we will focus on giving Y11 and Y13 the best send-off we can.

Mr M Devenney, Headteacher

19th March

In light of the Government’s announcement yesterday afternoon the school will close indefinitely from Friday 20th March. However, the school will remain open for the children of key staff who are critical in the prevention and containment of Covid-19. It will also remain open for vulnerable students i.e. those who have an EHCP and those who have a Social Worker, should they require us to do so.

Earlier this week I asked for those employed by the NHS and key staff to let our school office know. If you haven’t done so and you would like your daughter to attend next week, please let us know as a matter of urgency. We know the vast majority of our girls will be perfectly able to look after themselves at home but we need to be prepared for the number of students that may arrive. We are primed and ready to do our bit at Carshalton High School for Girls, but we must know the numbers that we are expecting so we can plan for it accordingly.

There has been no particular clarity on what a key worker is. The school will be open and we will accommodate any student in need. Due to the vast majority of our staff having young children we will have a skeleton staff each day but we are here to help where we are needed. If this is the case and it is vital for your daughter to come to school please let the office know as soon as possible at .

Y11 and 13 examinations

Year 11 and 13 examinations have been cancelled. We have no further information about the alternative methods that will be used at the moment. Rest assured we will do our utmost to ensure no student is disadvantaged by this and every student will get the grades they fully deserve. Once we know what plans are in place, we will likewise keep you informed. I ask that you do not contact the office or teachers directly regarding exams at this point – we need to free up phone lines for the parents of students who will be arriving on Monday and there is no further information they can give you at this stage.

Year 11

Following an assembly with Year 11 students this morning the following was highlighted:

Until there is clarity on how the government requires schools to respond to the exams announcement it is important that all students appreciate the importance of continuing with their learning to ensure they gain the appropriate knowledge for their future studies. Therefore they, and we will continue with preparation and learning as planned.

  • All students should go through their subject folders today to retrieve any exam past-paper materials, essays, graded work etc. They need to bring this into their teacher as this will allow us to build a better picture of any student, should it be required. We will have all assessments recorded centrally but the evidence of the quality of work will be vital.
  • We are checking all PPE’s and predictions data to look for any anomalies. We know students can have a bad day in a test and we need to be able to justify their grades.
  • Whilst the public examinations are the culmination of the subject courses, the learning and practice in the lead up to the examinations is of vital importance to students as they prepare for the next stage of their education in the Sixth Form. Therefore, we will be continuing to set work on Show My Homework following the pattern of the usual school day.
  • We will do all we can to ensure no one is disadvantaged by this crisis and everyone gets the grade they deserve.
  • We will hold our Leavers assembly during Period 3 tomorrow. Year 11 will be dismissed after this assembly.

Whilst we know we are moving into even more uncertain times, one thing for certain is that the girls have been a credit this year. I am incredibly fond and proud of the entire year group and they have very much grown into confident, articulate young women who will be very successful in the future. I have told them to not let this define them and they all have the character to grow from here.

We don't know about exams and grades at the moment but they leave us with the knowledge, skills, abilities and inquisitiveness that we have imparted upon them over the past 5 years. They will never lose that.

Free School Meals

More details will follow for those who receive Free School Meals. We are working across the Borough to ensure there is consistency and fairness for everyone.

School closure

We are fully prepared for the continuity of education throughout this crisis. This, along with health, should be a priority throughout this time.

I will be sending out a number of shorter e-mails today, please ensure you check your inbox. 

Students who are self-isolating

For those students who are self-isolating and are not in school for the next two days, work has been set on the following platforms:

Maths – Hegarty

Science – Year 7/8/9/10 – Kerboodle

Science - - Year 11 – Tassomai

English – Show My Homework

The instructions for all work have been placed on Show My Homework and login information attached to this message.

Instructions for accessing work for the school closure on Friday will follow later today.

Available below are the reminders of how to log in to the student online serivces for programmes we use i.e. Hegarty Maths, Kerboodle, Show My Homework etc.



Mr M Devenney, Headteacher

18th March pm

We have been advised that Gavin Williamson (Secretary of State for Education) will be making an announcement at 5pm today. We do not yet know the contents of this announcement but we will keep you updated once we find out. Scotland and Wales have confirmed today that they will close Schools on Friday. 

Students who are self-isolating

For students who are currently self-isolating we will be setting work on Show My Homework for Maths and Science tomorrow morning. English work will follow later in the day. There will be work for all year groups and it will be clearly labelled. This work should be completed in subject books if they are at home or on lined paper. Again it is important, as much as is possible, that education does not stop. This work is only for the students who are currently self-isolating. 

Available below are the reminders of how to log in to the student online serivces for programmes we use i.e. Hegarty Maths, Kerboodle, Show My Homework etc.



Library Resources

We have extended the number of books students can borrow from the LRC from 1 to 5. This will allow students to have access to more books should we close.

Break Timings

From tomorrow break will be extended by 15 minutes. This will give students the opportunity to wash their hands fully before returning to lessons.

More information will be shared once we know what is happening but we are expecting the School to remain open tomorrow and are ready to receive the students first thing tomorrow morning (Thursday 19th March).

Mr M Devenney, Headteacher

18th March am

Following our decision for a partial closure for Year 9 and 12 for the remainder of the week I am delighted to tell you that we have now been able to stabilise our numbers of staff and deploy them to other lessons instead and maintain the safety of all students who are here.  Work is being set for Year 9 and 12 on Show My Homework and I remind parents/carers and students that this work must be completed in the workbooks provided.

Students who are self-isolating

If a student is self-isolating we must be told on the first day of self-isolation and we must be told that it is self-isolation.  If you do not inform us of these 2 things then all subsequent absences will be recorded as unauthorised.  Some messages have stated that students are off because of a cough – these are treated as illness absences unless you state that your daughter is self-isolating.  Text messages will go out on a daily basis to those who we have not heard from or who need to give us further information– these messages are a reminder that you must contact us so please do not ignore them.  .   

Where students are currently self-isolating outside of Year 9 and 12 we will be sending out guidance later today on how they can access work so they do not miss out any valuable learning time.   


We are holding assemblies with all remaining year groups to keep them informed of the procedures should the School be forced to close.  We are also reminding them of the need for personal hygiene such as washing hands and the correct disposal of tissues.  Any student who has symptoms of Covid-19 such as high temperature (above 37.8) and/or a new, persistent cough must stay at home.  If anyone in the family home has symptoms then everyone must self-isolate for 14 days.  This may mean that we have to send some students home or isolate them for the day due to the high risk to staff and other students if they do come to School.    

Year 11 and 13

Year 11 and 13 remain our priority year groups and we will do all we can as a School to ensure there is as little disruption to their learning prior to their exams.  I am urging both year groups not to read social media as the information around examinations goes from the sublime to the ridiculous!  The fact is that at this point no one knows what is happening with examinations but the advice remains that we should plan and carry on as normal.  We must prepare as if they are happening in the Summer Term and if this changes then at least we are prepared.  Mr Elstone will be sending out further correspondence regarding Year 13 lessons today.

Finally from me, the enthusiasm from our students and staff over the past few days has been overwhelming.  We are doing all we can as a School to ensure we stay open, keep students safe and continue to give the girls a worthwhile educational experience.  This has certainly been made far easier due to the continued support from parents/carers and the excellent attitude and behaviour of the girls this week.  I am very proud of them all. #teamchsg

Mr M Devenney, Headteacher

18th March - Year 13

Mr Devenney spoke with all Year 13 students this morning about how, as a school, we are moving forward to the exam season in May.

For now students

  • Do not need to attend registration in the morning and need only to attend timetabled lessons.
  • Can use the school’s facilities such as the workrooms, LRC and canteen as normal between the hours of 8.30am and 3.20pm.
  • Should log onto and use Show My Homework to access subject matter for those lessons where staff are absent. Absent staff are available via email at the times when they would normally be teaching Year 13.
  • Should follow the advice from the school regarding any changes to the exam season in the coming months. There is a lot of speculation on social Media about this, nothing of which has been confirmed by the Government.
  • Contact the school if they feel they have any symptoms of COVID-19 and follow the advice from Public Health England, which is, too stay at home.

We need students in school to carry on as normally as possible. Please Contact Mr Elstone or Miss Bevan if you have any further questions.

Please continue to check back here for the latest updates regarding the COVID-19.situation

Mr Elstone and the Sixth Form Team

17th March pm

We are continuing to be wholly responsible in fulfilling the duty of care we have to our students, staff and our wider school community by following the advice and guidance from the Government and Public Health England.

With this in mind I have taken the decision, in consultation with seniors leaders and our Trust CEO, that because of significant staff shortages caused by self-isolation as advised by the Government, we are closing the school to students in Year 9 and Year 12 from Wednesday 18th March for the remainder of the week.  This means that students in Years 9 and 12 are not to come to school tomorrow and need to remain at home until Monday. 

We are keeping the school open for the remaining Year groups for now because of the need to prioritise Years 11 and 13 who are due to have public examinations very soon. By remaining also open for our younger year groups, we trust that we are alleviating childcare concerns that parents may have.  However, should staff absence continue to rise we will be forced to release further year groups on safety grounds.  Likewise, if staff absence stabilises we will rotate the year groups that are released in the coming days and weeks.  We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated as circumstances change. 

Students in Years 9 and 12 will be set work to complete via ‘Show My Homework’, which students should access online.  Students in Year 9 were given an exercise book today in which they are expected to complete the work set and bring it to School on Monday morning. Below is a reminder of how to access our Online Services such as Show My Homework, Hegarty Maths etc. 



I want to reassure you that these decisions are never taken lightly but the reason for the part-closure is solely so that we can be flexible in the deployment of our existing staff for now and ensure the continued safety of everyone in the School.  We will continue to update parents via e-mail, our School website and social media outlets. 

I appreciate and thank you for your understanding in this matter. 

Mr M Devenney, Headteacher

17th March am

Following the Government’s announcement yesterday evening we have changed a number of our procedures to keep everyone safe at School.  You will no doubt be aware that everyone now within a family must self-isolate for 14 days (10 school days) if anyone within the family shows signs or symptoms.  Therefore the guidance below will apply with immediate effect:  

  • If a student or family is self-isolating they must contact the School and let us know.  We will record this for 10 School days (14 days) – there is no need to contact the School every morning.   No medical evidence will be required. 
  • Each student who has confirmed they are in self-isolation currently will have their period automatically extended now for 14 days from the initial phone call.  This will automatically replace the 7 days previously – there is no need to contact the School.
  • If a student is self-isolating you must contact the School on the first day of this self-isolation. If you do not contact the School the absence and any subsequent absences will be unauthorised.

In addition, in the case of students with underlying serious health conditions parents should make a decision over whether they feel it is appropriate for their son/daughter to attend school or whether they should work from home.

We continue to play our part in protecting all the members of our community and have had to take some practical steps in order to do this. 

School Events

The Careers Fair and the Year 7 Parents’ evening have been postponed to a later date.  School Trips have been cancelled or postponed up until Easter.


Students are being constantly reminded to maintain good hygiene, with particular regard to handwashing and the correct disposal of tissues.

School Closure

The School remains open as is expected by the Government.  There are only 2 reasons why we can close the School - Health & Safety due to lack of staff or a Government Order, otherwise it is unlawful.   However, I do expect staff numbers to decrease over the next weeks.  Should this be the case:

  • priority will be given to examination classes and we will need to ask a year group to stay at home.  We will be sensible with the choice of year group but it will mean they may be asked to work at home for part/full days.  Work will set on Show My Homework.   
  • We will let parents/carers know as soon as possible when this is the case via e-mail, the School website ( and our usual social media outlets.   Please check these regularly each morning for updates.  We will provide minimal supervision if a student cannot work at home.

Provision of work

Staff are currently preparing work for student to complete should there be a Full School Closure.

  • Work will be set for students daily on Show My Homework.  It is expected that students will complete this work.  A closure is not a forced holiday (like a snow day) so work should still be completed fully
  • All students will be given a blank exercise book to complete the work in
  • Where there is no online access we will provide suitable material
  • Should there be a prolonged closure then further guidance will be given

Free School Meals

In the event of a Full School Closure we are investigating a number of options for students who receive Free School Meals.  We will contact the parents of these students in due course.   

Continued Pastoral Support

A member of staff will be on hand during any closure to offer pastoral support and guidance.  An information sheet will be circulated with information for parents/carers and students on how to access this support.


The advice from the examination body is that exams will still go ahead as planned.  No one can assume they are not going to happen or that special provision will not be made for them to carry on.  If your daughter is about to embark on exams please ensure they carry on with their normal revision and study timetable.  We know that this is certainly a distraction but please encourage them to remain focused. 

NHS Staff or Key Workers

Last week the Government indicated that Schools might remain open for NHS staff or key workers involved in dealing with Covid-19.  I would ask that any parents who fall into this category please let the School office know in the first instance so we have a complete list and can prepare for such an eventuality should it arise. 

The aim here at Carshalton High School for Girls is to keep you updated and informed as much as we can.  The information is now changing daily but I will write to you again in due course with any changes to the ongoing situation.  We appreciate your support during these unprecedented times.

Mr M Devenney, Headteacher

16th March 2020

The school remains open.

The government advice remains the same:

  • Please remain vigilant and do not send your child to school if they have a new, persistent cough and/or a high temperature. In this case the current advice is to self-isolate for 7 days.
  • You must let the school know if your daughter is not attending school due to self-isolation. There is no need to call daily – 1 phone call will cover the entire week. If your daughter is still not returning at the end of the 7 days, then please ensure you contact the School again.

We will update you with any new information as and when we receive it.

Mr M Devenney, Headteacher

13th March 2020

We are meeting regularly as a Leadership Team to assess the daily information we receive from the Department for Education and Public Health England regarding Covid-19.  The advice remains the same: schools should still remain open.

We currently have no confirmed cases of Covid-19 at Carshalton High School for Girls but rest assured we are very much prepared if and when the situation changes. We have contingency plans in place to react swiftly to any circumstances, with the wellbeing of our staff and students as well as the continuity of education being our main priorities.

Please remain vigilant and do not send your child to school if they have a new, persistent cough and/or a high temperature. In this case the current advice is to self-isolate for 7 days.

You must let the school know if your daughter is not attending school due to self-isolation. There is no need to call daily – 1 phone call will cover the entire week. If your daughter is still not returning at the end of the 7 days, then please ensure you contact the School again.

For further information on coronavirus please use the link below:


It is important that we all do our best to ensure that our children’s education is disrupted as little as possible and as always, everyone should continue to promote good hand and respiratory hygiene. At Carshalton High School for Girls we will continue to: 

  • Educate the girls as to why they should wash their hands and avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. 
  • Strongly promote and encourage all adults and children to wash their hands often with soap and water during the day, particularly before eating. •
  • Strongly encourage everyone to carry tissues and use them to catch a sneeze, then bin the tissue and wash hands. 
  • Strongly encourage adults and children to cough into a tissue.
  • Not shake hands
  • Ensure that all adults and children wash or sanitise their hands upon arrival within the building.

School Trips

Schools are not being advised to cancel domestic trips but they are advising against overseas trips. We are checking the insurance situation for future trips and will make decisions on an individual basis.

Evening Events

The Year 7 Parents Evening and Careers Fair will be postponed to a later date. I will be in contact with alternative dates for these events when we have a better understanding of the situation.

Extra-curricular activities will continue to take place. We will ensure students wash their hands at the beginning and end of any after-school club.

School Closure Procedures

In the event that we have to close for any period of time we will set work for students to undertake via Show My Homework. We will reissue guidance on how to log into Show My Homework, Kerboodle and Hegarty Maths in due course.

Form Tutors will provide all students with a new workbook and all work set should be completed in this workbook. The expectation is that students will complete work and present it to staff upon their return. Where there is no access to ICT equipment we will send textbooks home with students.

The PHE advice, obviously, also applies to staff; any absence will be managed as best we can with the safety and education of our students as our top priorities. We will continue to keep you updated via e-mail and our School website.

Thank you for your ongoing support with this matter.

Mr M Devenney, Headteacher

10th March 2020

We are aware of the sad news of a death at St Helier Hospital which was linked to Coronavirus. Our thoughts and sympathies are with the family of the person involved

As it stands we have no known link to the person at Carshalton High School for Girls and nothing has been brought to our attention.

The Department for Education has set up a helpline for Schools and the advice from Public Health England remains the same: schools should remain open. Health officials continue to advise us that the risk of serious illness due to Coronavirus in young people remains low, however whilst in the ‘containment’ phase it is vital that we do all we can to avoid spreading the virus in the local area. Regular hand washing and avoiding contact with others is the main way to help prevent the virus spreading. We will continue to remind students in assemblies and tutor time about the necessity for hand washing, the appropriate disposal of tissues and the avoidance of touching their face.

We will give further advice and guidance as the local and national situation develops. Please keep checking the school website for updated information.

Maurice Devenney, Headteacher