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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

A warm welcome

A warm welcome to the new academic year.

A warm welcome to the new academic year.
Last year was a fantastic year in so many ways and we look forward to the year ahead.

This year there has been a number of major changes in the exam system with the introduction of more difficult examinations, less use of coursework, the de-coupling of AS and A Level courses with a more linear approach, and the new 9-1 grading system in English and Maths at GCSE. It therefore becomes more difficult to compare this year’s results with previous ones. The headline figures are outlined below.

A Level
At A Level we secured another set of excellent outcomes:
A*/A: 21%
A* to B: 47%
A* to C: 79%
A* to E: 98%
BTEC: 95% of grades were at Distinction * or Distinction

We are delighted with these results. There were some fantastic individual and subject performances. All our students who applied to university, that is the vast majority for Year 13 students, secured university places, many at the top Russell Group universities.


There was excellent news at GCSE too. With so much uncertainty and predicted volatility especially linked to English and Maths we were delighted to exceed national averages in English and Maths.

% of students gaining 4+ in English Language: 69% (National average 62.1%)
% of students gaining 4+ in either English Lang or Eng Lit 78%:
% of students gaining 4+ in Maths: 64% (National average 59.4%)
% of students gaining 5+ standard passes (Grade 4+): 68%
% of students gaining 5+ passes: 98%

There were also some exceptional subject and individual performances within the GCSE results.

Overall, there was a great deal to be proud of and celebrate. Well done to our students who worked incredibly hard.

Key Stage 3 (KS3)

This year for the first time we introduced our KS3 Graduation. Year 8 students had to meet specific criteria to graduate at one of three levels, Distinction, Merit or Pass. The new system proved to be highly motivating to the students and they worked incredibly hard. We were delighted to hold our KS3 Graduation ceremony just prior to the end of term.

47% of students graduated at Distinction Level
19% of students graduated at Merit Level
24% of students graduated at Pass Level

Following the success of the new system, we have decided to extend it and base our entire rewards system for all students on similar criteria. This will be launched to parents and students shortly.

Priorities for the year

As ever we are never complacent about our success and continue to identify key areas of development annually. I thought it would be helpful to outline a few of our key priorities for this year:

1. Following on from the exam results, the first is to continue to work and support our students as the new examination specifications continue to be rolled out. The new linear A Level courses and new grading system at GCSE are now well under way and these changes continue to be rolled out for other subject areas. There has been a great deal in the news regarding the more difficult examinations and I wish to assure you that the school is undertaking on-going planning, from the day our students start at the school, to ensure they are as prepared as possible to deal with the new style examinations.

2. The second is the fact that March was three years from our last Ofsted inspection in March 2014 so it is very possible we may have an inspection this academic year. We are determined to highlight to Ofsted our journey of improvement and successes.

3. The third priority has to be to do with the budget. All schools have suffered significant cuts in funding and, along with other schools, we have over the last year had to make difficult decisions. We wish to continue to improve and upgrade our facilities and there is a need to look at replacing aspects of our ICT hardware over the next 12 months. Please support us by making a contribution to our School Fund. School Fund is £30 per year, although any contribution will help us. This can either be done via Parent Pay, by completing and returning Standing Order form. If you are a UK taxpayer we will also be able to claim back tax on the contribution if you complete the Gift Aid form. Our Finance Department will be happy to help if you need assistance.

4. We continue to research the possibilities linked to becoming a Multi-Academy Trust and will keep you updated as things progress.

General Reminders

Please check that as your daughter leaves for school each day she is following our guidelines completely. The uniform is extremely smart and has received many compliments; we are therefore determined to maintain the high standards at all times, including on the way to and from school.

Please ensure you name all items of uniform; we wish to re-unite any mislaid items to their owner very quickly


Students need to be fully prepared with books and basic classroom equipment for lessons. Students who do not have the required stationery such as pens, pencils, rubber, ruler, calculator etc will be at a disadvantage and not able to fully complete tasks set in lessons. The student timetable enables girls to be organised when bringing extra equipment into school such as PE/Dance kit.


If students are to succeed, good attendance and punctuality is vital. Parents are aksed to supoprt their daughter's learning by impressing on her the need for good attendance and punctuality at all times. When a student really is not be able to attend school, please contact our attendance line each day that she is absent on 020 8647 8294.


We have high expectations of student behaviour. Students are expected to be polite and courteous at all times, be totally focussed in class and move around the building quietly and sensibly. Students are also expected to be ambassadors for the school and therefore good behaviour on the way to and from school and being polite to members of the public is an essential part of being a student at the school.


Students are issued with a Planner to record homework and other notes or reminders. Parents are asked to check and sign the planner on a weekly basis to ensure homework is being recorded. Parental guidance regarding homework is available here.

Mobile Phone Policy

Students are permitted to bring their mobile phones into school but they must be switched off before coming through the gate in the morning and not be used until they are leaving the school site and beyond the gates at the end of the school day.

Energy Drinks

A reminder that students are not permitted to bring energy drinks in to school. Research shows that these are detrimental to the health and behaviour of young people. Students are allowed to take bottles of water into lessons (except where there are computers) so it is beneficial for students to have a robust bottle that can be filled before school, at break and lunchtime at our water fountains.

Students dropped off and collected by car

There is no access on site for students to be dropped off or collected by parents. All students arrive and leave by the main entrance gates and it is therefore very dangerous for cars to be trying to access or leave the school site at these times. There is also very limited permitted parking in the local area outside school. If collecting or dropping off, we recommend you arrange for this away from the immediate vicinity of the school.

Key Dates

There are some very important key dates coming up this half term which are outlined below. (The full calendar is on our website).

13th September: Year 7 Fresher’s Fair
19th September: Secondary Transfer Evening (early closure 2pm – some Year 7 students will be asked to help)
20th September: INSET Day
22nd September: Year 7 Games and Team Building Day
28th September: Year 7 Parents Information and Meet the Tutor evening
And finally.....

Welcome as Carshalton High School for Girls parents and to the first academic year for your daughter. I hope your daughter is looking forward to starting and becoming part of the CHSG community. I look forward to working in partnership with you.

Mrs V Jones, Headteacher