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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

Welcome Back

Welcome back to all our students and staff.

Welcome back to all our students and staff.

At the beginning of each year I lok to outline our priorities for the year and to highlight a few reminders.

Following initial changes last year, this summer saw further changes to the exam system. The majority of ‘A’ Levels were 2 year linear courses, Level 3 vocational courses saw the introduction of external examination and at GCSE the majority of subjects were included in the new 9 to 1 grading system. It increasingly becomes difficult to compare the new results with the old but we are very pleased with the results overall, having secured excellent outcomes and improvements on last year.

A Level
A*/A: 25%
A* to B: 46%
A* to C: 78%
A* to E: 99.5%
BTEC: 66% grades were Distinction*/Distinction
% of students gaining 4+ in English: 76%
% of students gaining 4+ in Maths: 63% % of students gaining 5+ standard passes (Grade 4+): 67%
% of students gaining 5+ passes: 98%
There was a significant increase in higher grades, rising 10% on last year, so that almost 50% of all subject grades were 9 to 5. This contributed to a 7% increase in the percentage of students gaining 5+ strong passes including English and Maths.  

Each year at the end of Year 8 we have a graduation ceremony to celebrate students completing Year 8 and moving to Year 9. Year 8 students had to meet specific criteria to graduate at one of 3 levels, Distinction, Merit or Pass. This year the majority graduated at Distinction Level; a wonderful achievement.

Our rewards system for all students is based on similar criteria.

Priorities for the year

As ever we are never complacent about our success and continue to identify key areas of development annually. I thought it would be helpful to outline our key priorities for this year:

  1. The first is to continue to work and support our students as the new examination specifications become embedded. The new style examinations at both GCSE and A Level are more demanding, and students need to be able to retain and recall more content than previously, as well as being able to apply that knowledge. We therefore are implementing a further whole school strategy from Years 7 to 13 that has a focus on Memory and Recall. This will enable students to have the necessary skills, using them day to day, that will best prepare them for final examinations.
  2. Our second priority is linked to Character and Culture. We are very proud of our ethos linked to our core beliefs of Community, Harmony, Success and Growth. However, we always look at ways to bring our community even closer together and to help prepare students for life beyond school, which is why we are making this a key area of our work.
  3. Our third priority is to develop our role within the Girls’ Learning Trust. Having joined a term ago, close working has been established in a number of areas. The aim will therefore be to continue to grow the links that will be beneficial to our students and staff.
General Reminders

Please check that as your daughter leaves for school each day she is wearing the correct uniform. Our uniform is extremely smart and has received many compliments; we are therefore determined to maintain the high standards at all times, including on the way to and from school. Please ensure all items of uniform are named; we wish to re-unite any mislaid items to their owner very quickly.


If students are to succeed good attendance and punctuality are vital. Please support your daughter’s learning by impressing on her the need for good attendance and punctuality at all times. Should your daughter really not be able to attend school, please contact our attendance line each day that she is absent 020 8647 8294.


We have high expectations of student behaviour. Students are expected to be polite and courteous at all times, be totally focussed in class and move around the building quietly and sensibly. Students are also expected to be ambassadors for the school and therefore good behaviour on the way to and from school and being polite to members of the public is an essential part of being a student at the school.


Students are issued with a Planner to record all homework and any other notes or reminders. Homework is also set online via Show My Homework. We would ask that you check and ensure you daughter is doing her homework. 

Mobile Phone Policy

Students are permitted to bring their mobile phones into school but they must be switched off before coming through the gate in the morning and not be used until they have left the school site and are beyond the gates at the end of the school day. Sixth Form students are permitted to use their mobile phones in the Sixth Form Study Centre communal areas.

Energy Drinks

Students are not permitted to bring energy drinks into school. Research shows that these are detrimental to the health and behaviour of young people. Students are allowed to take bottles of water into lessons (except where there are computers), so it is beneficial for your daughter to have a robust bottle with her that she can fill before school, at break and lunchtime.

Students dropped off and collected by car

There is no access on site for students to be dropped off or collected by parents. All students arrive and leave by the main entrance gates and it is therefore very dangerous for cars to be trying to access or leave the school site at these times. There is also very limited permitted parking in the local area outside school. If collecting or dropping off we recommend you arrange for this away from the immediate vicinity of the school.

Key Dates Key dates for your diary
The full calendar is available here
12th September: Year 7 Fresher’s Fair
18th September: Secondary Transfer Evening (early closure 1.50pm and late start the following morning 9.45am)
27th September: Meet the Tutor/Parents Information Evening
27th September: Year 12 Parents’ Information Evening (7pm)
5th October: Year 7 Games and Team Building Day
11th October: Year 9 Parents’ Information Evening
18th October: Year 11 Parents’ Evening
30th November: Year 11 & Year 13 Pre-Public Exams begin
30th November: Year 13 Pre-public exams begin
24th January: Year 8 Parents’ Evening
7th February 2019: 6 th Form Parents’ Evening
28th February 2019: Year 7 Parents’ Evening
21st March: Year 8 Options Evening and Careers Fair
9th May 2019: Year 10 Parents’ Evening
20th May 2019: Year 9 Exams begin
6th June 2019: Year 9 Parents’ Evening
20th June 2019: Year 10 Exams begin
And finally.....

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you need any further information. A full list of staff and contact information is available here. We wish all of our students much success for the coming academic year and I look forward to working in partnership with all our parents and carers.

Mrs V Jones, Headteacher