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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

Autumn Term Round Up

Well done to staff and students on another wonderful term!

Well done to staff and students on another wonderful term!

The Autumn term is always busy and this one has been packed with many important and exciting events; many of which are outlined in this newsletter or have been posted on the website. 

For Year 11 it is has been a crucial one with early entry for GCSE English Language in November. Staff made sure the students were fully prepared running a number of immersion sessions in the run up to the exam.  Students were totally focussed and we all have everything crossed for another year of excellent results.  Year 11 have also sat Pre-Public examinations in all other subjects. Well done!

Between the preparation and the hard work for these exams, interviews have been held with all Year 11 students regarding their next steps.  We are delighted that so many have applied for our Sixth Form and we are currently completing our Sixth Form interviews.

All other year groups have been extremely busy too. Year 12 have settled in to their new routines extremely well and we are delighted with the way all Sixth Form students are working.  Sixth Form Pre-Public examinations take place just after Christmas.  Year 7 have made an excellent start to their first year at the school and have very quickly become part of the team, they are beginning to shine in a number of ways and making a wonderful contribution to the school.

Year 9 are about to start their GCSE’s having spent this term doing their ‘taster’ sessions in their option subjects to help them make the right final choices. Year 8 are about to begin to work toward their GCSE option choices and Year 10 have just completed controlled assessments in Science as they work towards their exam in the summer term.

All year groups are to be commended.

How the school will be judged at GCSE in 2016 - New Performance Indicators

In 2016 the government is changing the way in which schools will be judged at GCSE.  There will be 3 key performance indicators:

1.       % of students achieving A* to C in English and Maths

2.       Progress 8 Score: a number that will show how much progress students have made whilst at the school. If the school scores ‘0’ (zero) it means students are making expected progress in line with their peers nationally

3.       Attainment 8 Score: the average grade across specific subjects for all students


It is not surprising that as move into these new judgements that schools are cautious in their predictions – the government has made it clear that GCSE’s will be more rigorous exams. The targets we are setting for 2016 are:

1.       A minimum of 60% of students to achieve A* to C in English and Maths

2.       A Progress 8 score of at least +0.25 (this means our students would be performing one quarter of a grade above their peers nationally)

3.       An Attainment 8 score of at least a grade C

Staff Changes

From January, a re-structure of the Senior Leadership Team means that there will be 3 Deputy Headteachers, with Mr Devenney being appointed to join Mr Elstone and Mr Conduit-Smith. As part of their role each Deputy Headteacher has a Maximising Achievement role, and Mr Devenney will have a focus on years 7 to 9 and key student groups  whilst Mr Elstone continues the focus on Post 16 and Mr Conduit Smith Years 10 and 11. Congratulations to Mr Devenney on his appointment.

This term we say goodbye to Ms Yost (Year Leader 7) who leaves us to take up a Senior Leadership post at a Croydon school.  Ms Yost has been at CHSG for a long time and has dedicated so much to the school and the students here.  As an English teacher Ms Yost has achieved outstanding results for her students and she has been an excellent Year Leader supporting and guiding her year groups. We congratulate her on her promotion and wish her every success in her new role.

We also say goodbye to Mrs Grima, Learning Resources Manager, who is retiring. During her 12 years at the school Mrs Grima has led and managed the LRC to be the thriving hub it is today.  When she started just students were borrowing less than 400 books a year; last year books loans were nearly 7,500! During her time she has also taught English and taken reading lessons and contributed to the wider life of the school supporting students in debating competitions and running craft classes and reading clubs. We thank Mrs Grima for everything she has done over the years and wish her a long and happy retirement.

Miss Compton also leaves us temporarily on maternity leave. We wish her well. 

Ms Kelly-Smith will be returning to us to take up the post of Year Leader 7 and teacher of English.  We are delighted to welcome her back.  Mrs Young will be acting Learning Resources Centre Manager, we congratulate her on her appointment; she will also continue to undertake her Head of House role.

And finally, we welcome Mrs Baker and Miss Paice as Cover Supervisors.

Good Behaviour Policy Changes

I wrote to parents a short time ago to outline some of the changes we have made this term to our Good Behaviour policy.  I would like to thank parents for the positive feedback we have received.  Parental support with all aspects linked to uniform, good behaviour, attendance and punctuality is crucial for the success of students; every year it is noticeable that the outcomes for students are extremely positive where school and home have worked in successful partnership with each other. Supporting us in these key policies does make a difference and we are here to help if you have any worries regarding your daughter’s learning.

I would finally like to take this opportunity to wish all our parents, carers, students and friends a very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.  Have a wonderful break!