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Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton High School for Girls is a highly successful school, judged by Ofsted in November 2017 as ‘Good’ in all categories.

Welcome to the New Academic Year

Well for us as a school it has been a fantastic summer and we have done it again, yes, we have secured our best ever examination results both at A Level and GCSE.

Well for us as a school it has been a fantastic summer and we have done it again, yes, we have secured our best ever examination results both at A Level and GCSE.

Our A Level results were fantastic. Nearly half of the grades achieved by students were A* to B and a quarter of the grades were A*/A. All the students who applied to university secured a place and our Year 12 students who took AS Level exams also did us proud with excellent results and have put themselves in an excellent position for Year 13.

At GCSE we broke through the 60% barrier for the first time for the headline figure of 5A* to C including English and Maths – a brilliant achievement.  Again at GCSE there was a rise in the number of entries gaining the higher grades with some wonderful performances; some students achieving 11 or 12 A*/A grades. Particularly pleasing are the huge number of students making expected or better than expected progress in their subjects regardless of their starting point.


There were some superb individual and subject results across both A Level and GCSE.


All this is testament to the excellent teaching across the school, the immense support given by staff and of course the hard work, motivation and focus of students themselves. So, much for all of us to be very proud of indeed.

During the summer there was plenty of high profile sport played, which is continuing now with the Rugby World Cup.  It was a very successful summer of sport for the nation with fantastic achievements from the England’s men cricket team winning the Ashes series against Australia, the England’s women’s hockey team winning the European Championships beating the favourites Holland and  the amazing performances from the Athletes competing in the World Athletics Championships in Beijing. There is one common factor that is obvious over and over again when you watch such performances, that commentators and those taking part talk about, and it’s that their success has had to be earned.  It is that their hard work has been about training, hours and hours of training, perfecting technique; total dedication and commitment. None of them will say that their success just dropped into their lap, they all had to earn it and make it happen.

 These messages are something that can be taken across into any aspect of our lives, if we want success then we have to earn it, have to work hard, have to put in maximum effort and never give up.  When things come along to test us or we have knock backs, we have to have the attitude that we will learn from these things and do better next time. 

What do I want for the school this year?

1.    That we achieve results at least in line with last year’s or even better

2.    That as a school we continue our journey of improvement and make sure that the public out there recognises our achievements

3.    That every student shows the determination and drive needed to succeed and secure for themselves the best they possibly can

4.    That as a school we do not have to waste time dealing with basic issues such as uniform, minor behaviour issues and attendance and punctuality. These are all things that students need to be doing automatically and self-regulate on if they are to achieve their potential

5.    We focus on a Growth Mindset. We remove the type of negativity that leads to the ‘I can’t do it’ approach’, and replace it with ‘I can’t do it yet, but I will keep on trying’ .

So, a fantastic start to the new academic year with brilliant examination results. Those results take this school one step closer to being an outstanding school.  The government are making it harder and harder to be an outstanding school but from my point of view it is ‘we may not be an outstanding school yet, but we will keep on trying’. 

It is possible if the school community works together, with everyone taking a pride in our achievements and working to make the school the best. This is about us as a community; our core beliefs of Community, Harmony, Success and Growth.

The opportunities are there for every student to achieve, setting targets and goals is crucial for everyone to make it personally the best year ever, as well as the best one ever for us as a school.