Important News

English GCSE Revision Club

 The English department begins a GCSE  English revision programme on 24th September which will run on Mondays from 3pm - 3.45pm in A11 led by various members of the English department. Attendance will be on a voluntary basis but there are some students (who have been informed) for whom these sessions will be compulsory. 
The PPE (Pre-Public exams) for English Language are on 6th November (Paper 1) and 8th November (Paper 2) so the initial focus of the programme will be on preparing for these.

It is recommended that students purchase copies of the York Study Guides for the set texts ('Romeo and Juliet', 'Jekyll and Hyde', 'An Inspector Calls', 'Love and Relationships Poetry' and 'Unseen Poetry'). These are available from all good bookshops as well as Amazon, often in bundles. The workbooks that go with these are also very useful.

Additionally, websites such as Seneca LearningBBC Bitesize and Mr Bruff on YouTube offer excellent revision resources. The optimal revision strategy for success in English is 'Distributed Learning' which means starting early and building knowledge/skills over time. Cramming does not help. With that in mind, please support your daughter to organise and begin her revision for English from September.

For further information please contact Curriculum Leader, Mrs Bhatt