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'Count On Us Challenge'

The Count on Us Secondary Challenge is a unique, pan-London Maths tournament for Year 8 and 9 students delivered in partnership with the Jack Petchey Foundation.
By combining a series of mental arithmetic and problem solving tasks, the Secondary Challenge helps pupils become confident mathematicians, developing mathematical fluency and improving problem solving skills.
The following girls took part in the CoU semi finals on 12/th June after competing against 70 schools in the regional heats. We were one of the 26 schools that took part in the semi-finals.
Zahida 9DAR, Sunena 9JO, Rebecca 8LJ, Sharaneega 8SAZ and Abilashini 8SZ
The students put on a brilliant display of hard work, resilience and teamwork. The challenges they were presented with included Dominoes, Counter, Dice and Matchstick Puzzles, Soma cube, Pentomino puzzles, Code breaking and the 24 game.
In the code breaking task, the students had to solve algebraic equations, manipulate expressions, evaluate functions and substitute into formulae, which provided them with information to solve a significant problem.
They were faced with some really tough competition and unfortunately just missed out on a place at the finals. Regardless, the girls had a very enjoyable experience.
Well done girls, we’re proud of you.