Important News

Last Term in Year 9

Year 9 students have begun delivering their tutor group assemblies this term.

They have been focusing on a variety of very relevant themes such as:

9MAA  – The Importance of Happiness

9BG  – The issues surrounding fake news.

9DR  – Life Choices and the Consequences.

9NCR  – Challenging the Perceptions of Beauty

9THS  – Different cultures including food and fashion.

9JO   – How to live a healthy lifestyle including  exercise, working hard at school, friendships and motivation.

During the last week of half term Year 9 will all be completing their end of year exams in all subjects. Whilst we recognise it is quite a stressful time for them, it is also a good opportunity for the girls to gain experience in what it will be like when completing their GCSE examinations as for some subjects, this begins next year. As a school, we have focused on teaching the students how to revise effectively. They have all been provided with a revision guide that they have been encouraged to use to plan and construct a revision timetable.

During our most recent achievement assembly, most Year 9 students had been awarded either a Gold, Silver or Bronze star badge according to a variety of different success criteria. We are very proud of what the girls have achieved thus far, and look forward to awarding even more stars in the future!