Important News

Year 10 Netball Round Up

We are pleased that the Year 10 Netball Team finished third in the Borough League.
 This is a great result and all the players involved throughout the whole year have been brilliant. The whole team has shown great dedication and enthusiasm throughout the season and they have also grown in strength as a team.
A huge well done to the following girls:
Miriam 10ANL, Abby 10KJ, Lara 10ANL, Courtney 10ANL, Amy 9JOH, Hannah 10KJ, Lesley 10KJ and Shardae 1OJCR, Kayla 10JCR and Claudia 10TT.
It has been a huge pleasure to work with the girls from Years 7- 10 and to see them develop and grow into strong, confident team.  Congratulations on all your success over the years and thank you for your dedication.