Important News

Year 8 Parents' Evening

Parents and carers of Year 8 students are invited to a Parents’ Evening on Thursday 24th January from 4.30pm to 7.30pm.
On the evening we will be operating an appointment system.  Appointments will be allocated at five minute intervals and parents are requested to keep to their time to prevent a backlog building up.

In order to make appointments for teacher consultations please click here

Instructions for booking appointments:
At the log in page you need to enter your details and your daughter's name and registration class (tutor group). 
Once past this screen you are presented with a welcome screen with the details of the Parents' Evening.  Click on the green tick to continue.  Step 2 is where you are presented with a list of your daughter's subjects and teachers, click on Continue to Book Appointments.
The third screen is where you can select the time slots that suit you.  If the teacher has already been booked, the time will be greyed out.
Finally, make sure you click here at the top of the page to confirm the appointments you have made and you will be sent a confirmation email.
If you do not have access to the internet or have any questions please contact Mr Jim Brittain either by telephone or Extension 3208.