Important News

Child Development

Year 11 Child Development students have recently spent the day making bottles of formula milk as part of their R019 coursework.
It was a day filled with hard working, practical learning and a lot of questions. Students had to make a bottle step by step from washing their hands to sterilizing the bottles as if they were running their own private nursery. They also had to look at the financial impact of this and how much it would cost to set up a baby room in their nursery. They had to investigate the prices or equipment and the number required to manage their budget. They also had to be aware of safety rules, regulations and symbols. Well done to all students who completed the task and thank you to the students who helped make the day run smoothly.
Well done to our Year 10 Child Development students who sat a mock R018 exam – they will be sitting their exam in June 2019 and as a department we are extremely impressed with the mature attitudes that they demonstrated in preparing for their mock.