Important News

Year 11

Mr Rahman
Senior Leader
Mrs Devaney
Year Leader

Year 11 is a fast paced, energetic and vitally important academic year. Not only do the Year 11 team of tutors strive to create a supportive, encouraging and motivated environment during form time they know their tutees well and are able to offer targeted and informed support to the pupils on an individual basis. The tutor team also cover numerous topics relevant to the pupils in the year group through tutor time activities, discussions and feedback sessions.

As this is the culmination of their GCSE studies we are focused on removing all barriers to learning through guidance and support, ensuring each pupil achieves her potential through our robust raising achievement project.

Year 11 receive individual guidance on career pathways as well as constant encouragement to familiarise themselves with the options open to them for further study.

Celebrating their success as young people is also important and Year 11 pupils have the opportunity to take up positions of responsibility to ensure our leavers’ prom and year book are a true reflection of the year group. Our aim is to ensure they move on from us as well rounded and responsible young women.


Year 11 Team

Senior Leader Mr N Rahman
Year Leader Mrs N Devaney
Pastoral Assistant Mrs S Warren
Ms Lagess
11JLC Mr Castro
11LC (KAW) Ms Care
11MD Mrs Durrett/Mrs Whitcomb
11ML (MA) Mrs Lane
Ms Duplock
11VK (JEL) Mr Kumar
11ZC Mr Choudhry
Attached Tutor Mr S Brown
Attached Tutor Mrs N Bhatt
Attached Tutor Mrs M O'Connor