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Rowling House - Yellow

rowlingYellow BadgeMotto: Without struggle there is no progress: Sine luctu numquam progressus.


Miss T Ishola is the Head of Rowling House. The House name was decided by the students during the launch week in September 2010. The students had a number of choices which were all focused around inspirational women. The Heads of House decided to adopt this theme as it is important that the students at CHSG recognise female achievement. After placing their votes students of Yellow House chose to name their house after J K Rowling.

J K Rowling is a British author best known as the creator of the Harry Potter fantasy series, the idea for which was conceived on a train trip from Manchester to London in 1990. Rowling is perhaps equally famous for her "rags to riches" life story, in which she progressed from living on benefits to multi-millionaire status within five years.

The focus for Rowling House is Business and Enterprise which encompasses: opportunities for teamwork; improving ability to voice opinions through various methods; developing new skills for the world of work; and supporting those who already provide services for young adults to get a head start in establishing themselves within their communities and society. In relation to this a House charity was chosen to fundraise for: The Prince’s Trust. 

2014–2015 was incredible for Rowling House, as students really pushed themselves to get involved in all activities in the House Programme. New and great friendships were formed and fantastic ideas were generated. One of the main success stories for Rowling, was winning Sports Day. Once again, well done to all who participated and all the super supporters! 
I hope to see members of Rowling House in and around school participating, as much as you can, and really making a difference!  
2015-2016 for Rowling House will be focused around fundraising - not only for our charity but also for the school's new building.  Thinking caps at the ready Rowling.

Miss T Ishola