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Religious Studies Year 9

outer spaceReligious Studies encourages students to consider other people’s beliefs, practices and points of view, to express their own opinions and to develop skills that are important in today’s world.

Term 1

Christianity: Section 1 (Christian Beliefs)

1.1 The Trinity
1.2 The creation of the universe
1.3 The Incarnation
1.4 The last days of Jesus' life
1.5 The nature and significance of salvation and the role of Christ within salvation
1.6 Christian eschatology
1.7 The problem of evil/suffering
1.8 Divergent solutions offered to the problem of evil/suffering
Term 2

Islam: Section 1 (Muslim Beliefs)

1.1 The six Beliefs of Islam
1.2 The five roots of 'Usul ad-Din in Shi'a Islam
1.3 The nature of Allah
1.4 RiSalah: the nature and importance of prophethood
1.5 Muslim holy books (kutub)
1.6 The nature and importance of angels for Muslims
1.7 The nature and importance of Predestination for Muslims
1.8 Muslim teachings about life after death
Term 3

Christianity: Section 2 (Marriage and the Family)

1.1 The importance and purpose of marriage for Christians
1.2 Christian teachings about the nature and importance of sexual relationships
1.3 Christian teachings about the purpose and importance of the family including support for the family in the local parish
1.4 Christian teachings about family planning and regulation of births
1.5 Christian teachings and attitudes towards divorce and remarriage
1.6 Christian teachings about the equality of men and women in the family
1.7 Christian teachings about gender prejudice and discrimination