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Religious Studies

religious symbolsReligion is the belief in God, gods or a supernatural power and this belief is usually expressed in worship.  Religion is an essential part of the lives of billions of people in the world and this is often reflected in their actions and words.  Music, literature, films, soap operas and the news frequently contain references to religious beliefs and practices.
Religious Studies helps students to learn about and from religion.  It helps them to examine and discuss the ultimate questions about life and existence.  It prepares students for living and working in a global, multi-faith and multicultural world, and encourages them to interact sensitively and effectively with people from a range of backgrounds.
To help students to:-
  • Become informed citizens who understand and respect a range of different religious beliefs, practices and lifestyles.
  • Reflect on feelings, relationships, experiences and ultimate questions.
  • Develop informed opinions on a range of moral and ethical issues and have the confidence to express these.
  • Contribute to their health and wellbeing by helping them to develop spiritually and morally.
  •  Develop a range of transferable skills which will equip them for becoming financially independent members of our society

Department Staff

Curriculum Leader
Mrs C Elliott
Teacher of RS Mr T Treagust