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CHSG & GLT Policies

The school has a range of policies for two reasons.  Firstly,  to ensure that our practice within the school meets statutory or legal requirements and secondly, to make sure our systems and structures across the school are transparent and consistent. 

Below is a list of our whole school policies. To view these PDF documents you may need to install Adobe Reader.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information regarding policy and practice.

The following policies are under review:

Equality & Diversity Policy
More Able Policy
  1. GLT 16-19 Bursary Policy (2017-18)
  2. GLT 16-19 Bursary Application Form (2017-18)
  3. GLT Charges & Remissions Policy
  4. GLT Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
  5. GLT Complaints Policy
  6. GLT Data Protection Policy
  7. GLT Freedom of Information Policy
  8. GLT Health &Safety Policy
  9. GLT SEN Policy
  10. GLT Whistleblowing Policy
  11. CHSG Accessibility Plan
  12. CHSG Admissions Policy 2017-2018
  13. CHSG Admissions Policy 2018-2019
  14. CHSG Admissions Policy 2019-2020
  15. CHSG Anti Bullying Policy
  16. CHSG Anti Bullying Policy - Bullying Incident Form
  17. CHSG Arts Policy
  18. CHSG Asset Replacement Strategy Procedure
  19. CHSG Assessment Recording Reporting Policy
  20. CHSG Attendance and Punctuality Policy
  21. CHSG Attendance and Punctuality Policy Appendices
  22. CHSG Best Value Statement
  23. CHSG CEIAG Policy
  24. CHSG Communication Policy
  25. CHSG Coursework Controlled Assessment & Non-Examination Assessment & Risk Management Policy
  26. CHSG Critical Incident Policy
  27. CHSG Debit Card Policy
  28. CHSG Display Policy
  29. CHSG Drug Prevention Policy
  30. CHSG Early Entry Policy
  31. CHSG Emergency Closure Policy
  32. CHSG Energy Drink Policy
  33. CHSG e-Safety Policy
  34. CHSG Examination Policy
  35. CHSG Exclusion Policy
  36. CHSG First Aid Policy
  37. CHSG Fraud Policy
  38. CHSG Fraud Response Plan
  39. CHSG Good Behaviour
  40. CHSG Homework Policy
  41. CHSG Home School Agreement
  42. CHSG Infection Control Policy
  43. CHSG Internal Appeals Procedure & Enquiries about Results for Public Examinations
  44. CHSG Learning Resource Centre Policy
  45. CHSG Literacy Policy
  46. CHSG LRC Policy
  47. CHSG Marking & Feedback Policy
  48. CHSG Mobile Device Policy
  49. CHSG Numeracy Policy
  50. CHSG Privacy Notice
  51. CHSG PSHCE & Citizenship Policy
  52. CHSG Recruitment Policy
  53. CHSG Reserves Policy
  54. CHSG Review of Marking - NEAs Courswork and CAs
  55. CHSG Safeguarding Policy
  56. CHSG SEN Local Offer
  57. CHSG Sex & Relationship Education Policy
  58. CHSG Special Educational Needs Policy
  59. CHSG Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy
  60. CHSG Teaching & Learning Policy
  61. CHSG Terms & Conditions of Contract for the Supply of Goods & Services
  62. CHSG Uniform Policy
  63. CHSG Value for Money Statement