Important News

Careers Fair

 On Thursday 15th March our annual careers Fair was our biggest and best so far. Relocated in our new facilities we had over 50 professionals from various fields talking to students and parents from Year 8 to Year 13.
There were also presentations from Martin Tucker a Forensic Manager and Hannah Laraway a Recruitment Consultant which were well attended and feedback included ‘I feel much better prepared for the world of work.
There was information available on apprenticeships, from training providers as well as employers.
Professionals consisted of parents, former students,  and volunteers from business and employers who have supported us though work experience.
We would like to thank them all, for giving up their time to share their expert knowledge in their fields.
Some student comments include ‘ Great talk, I have changed my direction of interest!’
‘All the jobs were clearly specified  and my knowledge in different areas has improved’
‘helped me narrow down what I don’t want to do’
‘very good representatives. Made my daughter think’
—  Statistics have shown that the more contact young people have with employers the more employable they become.
—  Actually to be precise 4 or more employer engagement activities. In fact, it also shows that they earn more money. 
At CHSG we ensure students have these opportunities through TYDTWD, Work Experience, visits to employers and challenges as well as the Careers Fair.
The population of the world is 7.2 billion, and about 70 percent of people in the world are working. This gives a staggering figure of about 5 billion jobs in the world. This number is expected to rise as younger people enter the labour market. As a Careers expert; I don’t know all the jobs SO HOW can you and your daughter. Help them to research and find out.

Mrs J Greenland, Careers & Work Related Learning Manager