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Book Pixies Come to CHSG

 Book Pixies have arrived at CHSG!

What are book pixies?

Book Pixies are a community project encouraging everyone to read and share stories.

Books are either donated to or by the CHSG Learning Resource Centre (LRC) and the Book Pixies (student volunteers) redistribute them into the community. The Book Pixies will leave books in public places, maybe at bus stops, parks, outside primary schools or train stations.

There is a worldwide Book Fairy project that actress Emma Watson is the founder of where she encourages adults to leave books for others to “Take me, Read me and Leave me” but there is also a local community Art project that inspired us.  The Consulting Artist Doug Shaw is a local man who hides free art weekly around Carshalton and Wallington; we have followed him on social media for a while and saw all the positive comments his project received.  We wanted to share the joy reading brings to us.

Students and staff from the CHSG Book Club launched the project at Queen Mary's Children’s Hospital.  We had over 200 books to distribute so thought this would be a great place to start.  There are many children there with a bit of time on their hands, some may need a little distraction from their current surroundings and escape to a different world.  We dropped books on the way to the hospital too, at bus stops and outside Muschamp Primary school.

Book Pixies want everyone to read so even though the project is aimed at getting children reading the Pixies will also be dropping books for older readers.

You can find clues to where and when book drops will be happening on Carshalton High School for Girls LRC social media pages on Twitter and Instagram and also here on the school's website and social media.