Important News

Important Dates - Year 11

 The Spring Term is a key time for Year 11 students as they undertake their final preparations for their GCSE examinations.
On the 19th January the students will receive their Pre-Public Exam results during their period 5 lesson. The girls will leave school slightly earlier then normal on this day at the end of the results event.
On 29th January parents are invited to attend a progress review meeting. We cannot stress enough the importance of attending the evening so we can discuss students' progress and how we can work together to ensure students achieve their expected target grades. Parents unable to attend this evening should arrange another appointment via the student's tutor.
It is now possible for you to book your progress review appointment to discuss students' Pre Public Exam results and the latest prediction grades for GCSE courses. Click here to book an appointment on the parents evening system as you would for a standard parents evening and from there you can select a time slot. If you do not have access to the internet or have a problem accessing the system please contacy Mr Brittain, Data Manager, extension 3208.
A reminder that English and Maths Pre Public Exams (PPEs) will be taken during the weeks comencing the 19th February and the 26th February. Further information on this will be sent out at a later date.
On 22nd March we will be holding our annual ‘Up for Revision Challenge’ evening. This is the final opportunity we have to meet as a year group and we will be sharing crucial information about students' preparation for the GCSE examinations. This will include supplying students with a comprehensive revision and exam timetable, subject specific revision information and tips on how to cope with the stress of exams. Further information on this will be sent out at a later date.
Finally as part of our drive to raise achievement across the year group we will be rewarding students with a pink T-shirt for making good progress and showing a consistent, excellent attitude to learning in their recent exams. Good progress and attitude is defined as achieving an average of 2.1 across PTT, A4L and B4L on their reports issued in December.
Celebrating success is important to us and the students as it creates a positive culture of high standards and expectations. Students who did not achieve the necessary average on this report will have two further opportunities this term to work towards gaining a pink t-shirt on their next progress reviews.
For further information or if you have any questions relating to the above information please contact:
Miss Marshall, Year Leader